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Giddy Up! It’s a Boy’s Western Themed Cowboy Birthday Party

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  1. Plan a western themed cowboy birthday party with these party supplies:
  2. Be sure to check out some more boy's western themed cowboy party ideas here.
  3. Plus, don't miss out on 52 Cowboy Themed Boy Birthday Party Ideas...

Howdy, partner! Michelle of Little Wishes Parties rounded up the cutest ideas for this boy’s western themed cowboy birthday party.

I love the way she combined red gingham and red and blue paisley fabrics, cute cupcakes, treats and clever party favors with some theme specific accents to seamlessly pull off the cowboy birthday party theme.

From the looks of the decorations, you’ll know it’s definitely not her first rodeo party.

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The incredible details of this cowboy party will leave you saying, “yee haw”! I adore the children’s party tables.

With the eye-catching layered fabrics, paisley cowboy themed party plates, napkins and boot centerpieces, this party is ready for some wranglin’ good fun. The darling straw cowboy hats each seat are an additionally cute detail.

Michelle wasn’t horsing around when she came up with ideas for beverages; no sending party kids to the watering hole at this party. Check out her embellishments for the water bottles.

I love how she tied bandanas around each bottle and used twine to attach a Sheriff’s badge. Too cute! And if kids were hankering for some milk, there was a darling “Milky Bar” set up for them.

Every cowboy needs a horse. Guests could pick a pony from the stables and take a good old fashioned pony ride with these perfect stick ponies.

Western themed gift bags were given to guests, filled with cowboy contraband. Plus, check out the printed loot bags for treats from the dessert table.

Speaking of the dessert table, it was a gold mine of delicious treats! From gold nugget bubble gum pouches to horseshoe and cowboy themed sugar cookies to cactus cups filled with more sweet eats, these little buckaroos really scored big.

Hang on to your hats because that’s not all there was to choose from. Cowboy themed fondant topped cupcakes were also displayed beautifully in red star cups.

I just love all of the well-thought out western details that made this table so appealing. Bandana wrapped cactus plants and bales of hay placed near the tables added to the western feel of the party.

Plan a western themed cowboy birthday party with these party supplies:

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  • Straw cowboy sheriff hat with star
  • Red cowboy bandanas
  • Blue western bandanas
  • Ceramic cowboy boot planter
  • Meri Meri howdy cowboy plates
  • Gold Mine bubble gum nuggets
  • Red gingham fabric
  • Red blue paisley fabric
  • Stick Pony

Be sure to check out some more boy’s western themed cowboy party ideas here.

Plus, don’t miss out on 52 Cowboy Themed Boy Birthday Party Ideas

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