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Trash Bash Garbage Themed Birthday Party

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  1. Design your own trash themed boy's birthday party with these party supplies:
  2. Have a little guy who loves trucks? Check out the coolest boy birthday parties on four BIG wheels:
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  5. This Trash-Pack Inspired Boy's Birthday Party is not to be missed...

Although boys’ garbage truck boy birthday parties are uncommon, every little boy is fascinated by the garbage truck.

Is it the scale of the machinery and the booming, grinding sounds they make, or does the secret lie in the forbidden treasure they collect?

Whatever the allure, Jennifer at BellaGrey Designs didn’t hesitate when her son asked for a “trash truck” birthday party.

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Jennifer immediately began sorting (and cleaning) her family’s most desirable refuse to turn her home into a fascinatingly festive dump for a blowout she dubbed the “Trash Bash”.

Among the fake flies and artfully arranged recyclables, her charming printable signs and labels paired with themed party treats to keep things coordinated. Read on to see how she turned garbage into a gala!

The sweet invitations gave only a small clue as to what would be featured at the festivities.

Arriving at the celebration, guests encountered Jennifers fluffy wreath made entirely of shredded trash bags, and a party scene full of what looked suspiciously like trash!

After the initial shock, it was all found to be a delightful surprise.

At the main table, an enlarged snapshot of the birthday boy acting as “The Trash Man” had pride of place in the backdrop. That great drippy font on the banner was also used throughout the party.

Using your child’s own toys as party décor is smart and if you look closely you might even spy Greyson’s favorite book about (what else?) trash!

Not even the menu escapes the trash treatment:  a newspaper-filled cardboard box served as a pedestal for the “junk mix” (assorted corn chips and snack crackers) and individual serving containers were cleverly fashioned from small paper plates and a rubber band.

Jennifer had the foresight to use a clear plastic cover over the newspaper “tablecloth” to keep news ink off her guests.

Classic galvanized trash cans (brand new; clean; never used!), with the lids turned upside down, were innovatively utilized as occasional tables to hold refreshments like Sanitation Subs and Waste Water.

Where there’s garbage, there are flies! Plastic flies seem to have landed on those luscious cupcakes. Cupcake Fabulous used silver cupcake wrappers to make them look like tiny trash cans, and Jennifer added her personalized cupcake picks.

Flies also buzzed among the garbage can cake pops by CookieMom. Jennifer made sure these were individually wrapped to keep the shredded newspaper from sticking to them.

Cookie Mom also turned Jennifer’s artwork into an edible topper for her treats, and whipped up some trash can cookies as well.

Tiny traffic cones directed guests to the pie tin platter, which looked a lot like a trash can lid.

What else would you send garbage bag favors home in but a miniature trash can? Jennifer ingeniously made these by spray painting drink koozies.

I laughed out loud when I realized that those miniature trash bags were actually doggie, um, DOO bags (brand new; clean; never used!), and held the party favors.

They made a perfect mini scene with the toy garbage truck. Candy, Waste Management coloring books and rubber bracelets served as additional favors.

Whether your little guy is impressed by the size and noise of the garbage truck or fascinated by the verboten bounty bouncing around in the back of it, a garbage truck birthday party or “Trash Bash” like this one, is sure to thrill.

Design your own trash themed boy’s birthday party with these party supplies:

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Have a little guy who loves trucks? Check out the coolest boy birthday parties on four BIG wheels:

Plus, check out Garbage Truck Boy’s Birthday Party

Don’t miss A Trash King Boy’s Birthday Party

This Trash-Pack Inspired Boy’s Birthday Party is not to be missed…

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