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Frozen Sing Along Party Ideas

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  1. Frozen Sing-Along Microphones

Our family loves to watch movies together — it’s truly one of our favorite activities. Mike and I are huge movie buffs so it’s only natural that Sam is as well. Cuddling up with some popcorn is a great way for us to spend time together and relax. When Disney’s Frozen was released on DVD, we had our own little viewing party at home. Now that there is a brand new Frozen Sing-Along DVD being released on November 18th, we decided to create a winter wonderland fit for a princess, a snowman and more!

The new Frozen Sing-Along will feature special features like a bouncing snowflake that follows along with the lyrics on the screen, making a sing along easy. {As if you needed any other reasons to sing along.. hasn’t everyone practiced their own version of Let It Go?!} There is also an all new song plus a new Mickey Mouse Short called “Get a Horse!”

To celebrate, I wanted to make an extra special party for Sam that his friends could enjoy along with him. I think the entire party turned out lovely and I’m excited to share it with you!

Since I was having a house full of little boys, I focused on creating snowflakes instead of princesses. Sam loves Frozen and utilizing snow is a great way to make your party work for little boys. I purchased metallic, 3D snowflakes from the party decoration store and hung them using thread so they truly looked suspended in mid air. Quite magical!

Adding favorite characters into the decor like Olaf is a great way to engage kids.

To keep little hands busy, we created microphones so the boys could sing along with the Frozen DVD. They are so simple to make plus, they doubled as a take home party favor for the kids to keep enjoying.

Frozen Sing-Along Microphones


Empty paper towel cardboard roll
White craft paper
Marker/Crayons — could also use glitter glue
Christmas bulb ornament


1. Allow kids to decorate a piece of white craft paper, cut to the size of your paper towel roll.
2. Once decorated, tape around the paper towel roll.
3. Cut small slits in one end of the paper towel roll, so that the cardboard can bend back a little and support the Christmas bulb.
4. Using two sided foam crafting tape, adhere your Christmas bulb {we used a gold glitter one} to the slitted end of the paper towel roll.
5. Sing!

After all that creativity, it was time to eat. The kids enjoyed a Frozen Mocktail, Snowflake Pizza, Melted Olaf Snacks and then finished it off with Ice Castle Cupcakes.

This kid’s mocktail is simple. First, you’ll freeze water in snowflake shaped ice cube trays before the party. When it’s time to serve, be sure to use clear glasses so the kids can enjoy the visual appeal. Place the frozen snowflake ice cubes in the bottom of the glass. Next, add blue cotton candy in the glass, then pour water over it and watch the magic happen!

For the Melted Olaf Snacks, place veggie dip at the bottom of a clear shot glass. Add a baby carrot, pretzel sticks and two olives in the glass. This was a big hit as it dawned on the boys why I called it a “Melted Olaf”.

Our main course was Snowflake Pizza. Using a large cookie cutter, I cut store bought pizza crust in snowflake shapes. We topped each pizza with a garlic cheese sauce. Just place under the oven broiler until the cheese is melted and the crust is toasted. This is a meal we will serve again as it was so fun to eat in snowflake shape!

Finally, the boys were able to enjoy their Ice Castle Cupcakes! Vanilla cupcakes were topped with coarse sugar and snowflake sprinkles. Each cupcake had two pieces of rock candy on top as well. Each cupcake really was captivating.. almost too pretty to eat. Almost.

Our Frozen Sing-Along party was a huge success. All the boys had a great time and loved each element of the party. It’s wonderful to create these special memories with them, which I know we’ll cherish forever.

Frozen Sing-Along is now available on DVD, Digital HD and on Disney Movies Anywhere  who just announced their newest partner VUDU!

Proudly Prepared by the Spaceships Kitchen

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