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Flying High with an Airplane Birthday Party

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This boy’s airplane party soars with a cargo load of imaginative ideas.

Shauna, of Cupcake with Character, has conceived of an antique map and airplane theme that supplies all the birthday party decorations needful for a darling dessert table.

Beginning with invitations that invite guests to “Fly on By”, Donna also offers cute cupcake sleeves, water bottle wraps and clever visuals to delight party-goers.

Boy Airplane Birthday Party Ideas

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The choice of aqua and orange look fresh when paired with white.

The backdrop of sky, clouds and balloons is really pulled together by the little flying airplanes (Sam would want to get his hands on one, right away!).

Airplane Birthday Cake

Guests can readily see where they are to “check-in” at the dessert table and I love the cute “Take Flight” banner in a combo of colors and prints.

The birthday guy has his name and age emblazoned on a plane that flies around a globe-shaped cake.

The cake sets on a platter that is actually a new garden pot and tray that has been painted and trimmed in masculine grey ribbon and fun orange rickrack.

How clever, but easy to do!

Airplane Cupcakes for Birthday Party

The dessert table offers everything a party could need.

A plane hovers over mounds of sky-blue frosting on the banner-waving cupcakes, which are nestled in antique looking maps.

Plane Birthday Party Ideas

Cloud cookies-on-a-stick wave from a bowl of personalized Hershey kisses (mmm’ chocolate!).

There are also hand-held plane cookies and plane cake-pops, too. Oreo cookies are frosting covered and decorated with fondant airplanes.

Popcorn to munch is offered in individual stripped boxes. Candy bars are also wrapped in the theme “maps” with a plane image flying “Up, Up and Away”.

Canning jars filled with punch in party colors add an easy jazz to the table, especially with their striped straws.

Airplane Birthday Party Ideas

For the smallest guests that might spill, there are lidded plastic mugs, adorned with a whooshing plane image. This party is full of sky-high imaginations for boy birthday fun!

Cute Airplane Party Cookies

Plan an airplane themed birthday party with these party supplies:

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  • Leather Decorative Suitcases
  • Treat Boxes
  • Large Globe
  • Mini Tabletop Globe
  • Airlines Pilot Hat
  • R&M Airplane Cookie Cutter
  • Airplane Adventure Lunch Napkins
  • Airplane Character Suckers
  • Airplane Adventure Dinner Plates
  • Child’s Pilot Hat
  • Airplane Pinata
  • White Clouds Balloons
  • Airplane Party Pack
  • Disney Planes Foam Flyers
  • Dusty Planes Party Game, 
  • Hallmark – Disney Planes 
  • Airplane Adventure Party Favor Box

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