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A Helicopter Themed Boy’s 2nd Birthday Party

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Get ready to take off on a high flying adventure in this helicopter themed boy’s 2nd birthday party

The sky was the limit for creative designer and mom, Tali Burress, of A Party Studio, as she prepped for her son, Asher’s, 2nd birthday party.

A helicopter themed birthday party wasn’t chosen out of the blue; Asher is crazy for helicopters, so this theme was perfect.

Not only did Tali create a variety of printable tags, labels and decoration ideas in an eye-catching turquoise and red color scheme, but she also planned for a coordinating birthday cake, cupcakes, a clever breakfast menu and party favors to help attendees’ spirits soar.

Helicopter Boy's Birthday Party Ideas

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Pack your bags and buckle up for all of the thrilling party details as captured by All Things Great and Small Photography.

Boy's Helicopter Birthday Party Table

Transforming a party space for a helicopter or even airplane themed party doesn’t have to be difficult. To create the allusion of clouds, Tali hung white pom poms from her chandelier and added blue paper fans to the backdrop.

Boy's Helicopter Birthday Party Ideas

I love her addition of the wooden letter A for personalizing the décor. Not only does it provide a great pop of color, but it can be used again after the party in her son’s bedroom.

Custom printable bunting added a festive touch and coordinated with the other printables that embellished cupcakes, beverages and favors.

Boy's Helicopter Birthday Party Food Ideas

With kids aged 2-4 in attendance and their more mature flight attendants (parents) on stand-by, the “in flight” breakfast menu was perfectly crafted with all passengers in mind.

Boy's Helicopter Birthday Party Cookies

The kids loved the powdered sugar donut “clouds”, while the adults appreciated the green chili sausage casserole and fresh fruit with dipping sauce.

To satisfy sweet cravings, delicious cookies were made by C is for Cookies match the printable décor. Cake pops, always a popular choice, especially for little hands, were another tasty dessert option.

Boy's Helicopter Birthday Party Cupcakes

To simplify party prep, a local bakery was hired to make a chocolate cake and vanilla cupcakes. Some fun custom labeled kisses and chocolate bars were added to tie in all of the flying details.

Boy's Helicopter Birthday Party Cake

With a younger crowd of busy travelers on board, Tali kept the activities simple and decided to forego traditional party games in favor of more free play options and a large variety of toys. She added a fun glitter tattoo station that excited guests of all ages.

Boy's Helicopter Birthday Party Favors

Tali sent guests home with adorable marshmallow cloud favor bags from her “baggage claim”. Custom luggage tags thanking them for “flying” with Asher add such a fun touch and surely left a lasting impression. Tali definitely passed the party planning test with flying colors!

Plan a helicopter themed boy’s birthday party with these party supplies gathered by the crew at Spaceships and Laser Beams.

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