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Fly the Friendly Skies Baby Shower

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The Blue sky, a fun orange plane, and fluffy clouds make this airplane-themed baby shower a lovely celebration for a child. With a grandpa who’s a retired air traffic controller and a daddy working for an airline, Ashlee, at Ashlee Marie, is thinking that Baby Badger might have flying in his future. Ashlee handled every aspect of this party including invitations, decorations, food, favors, baby shower games, and event photography.

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Not a thing was overlooked, and each piece complements the next. Read on and see what you think. Guests got a peek at the theme when they received their invitations, disguised as boarding passes. Ashlee took great pains to make them look authentic. The airline’s namesake is the baby’s family name, and the passes included a second ticket with helpful information like where the mom-to-be was registered for gifts.

There were also convenient additions like a QR code to the Facebook event page so it was easier for guests to RSVP, and a perforated section that could easily be torn off and used as a “save the date” on the calendar. Upon entering the party, guests received name tags that looked like pilot wings; there was room to write their names in the cloud. That’s a thoughtful touch when many of the guests know mom-to-be but not each other.

The main dessert table and food table are delightful. Of course, the backdrop had to be a straightforward sky blue to evoke clear skies, and Ashlee added her handmade cloud banners (with that single, cute little orange plane) and a simple mobile. Instead of a tablecloth, Ashlee chose a grass-like fabric and left the center bare to create a center “runway.”

No one thinks of flying without thinking of peanuts, so they were on hand along with pretzels; to nibble or pick up as a take-home snack. Chicken salad croissants looked official, packaged, and labeled “a lá plane food”. Our secret ingredient egg salad sandwiches would also be the perfect addition. Ashlee even went out of her way to find cups like the ones used on airplanes; she served orange juice since it’s her favorite airline beverage and it happened to go along with the color scheme.

Unexpected fare, like cotton candy, got the theme treatment by masquerading as clouds with a printable bag topper and a tiny molded candy plane. Ashlee carefully detailed the cookie airplanes to coordinate with the party graphics. Grab our sugar cookie recipe – it makes perfect cookies every time.

Wondering about that amazing baby shower cake? Ashlee shared her secrets. She built the tower by using a wooden dowel with a circle at each end; she wrapped warm rice Krispie treats around the dowel and used parchment to hold the shape until it cooled. The top of the tower was five layers of cake; frosting and fondant covered it all. She brushed the fondant windows with edible silver paint. To make the cute cloud shape cake pops, Ashlee filled a six-petal flower cookie cutter with the cake pop mixture, froze it, and then cut it in half before inserting a stick and dipping it in melted chocolate.

Ashlee didn’t neglect to plan games for guests at the shower, and a Jeopardy-style game was created using clouds and airplanes. The final event at the shower was “Eat Like a Baby!” Contestants took bites of unlabeled baby food and tried to identify what they were eating. Ashlee put together and pulled off an exceedingly charming event to honor her cousin by incorporating an idea that was personal, which is how all the best celebrations begin. We think her devotion to her family even outshined her cake balls!

For inspiration with wings check out these great ideas:

Get inspiration with these Airplane parties

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