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Santa’s Belt Buckle Party Favor

Table of Contents
  1. Supplies Needed:
  2. How to Make This Christmas Craft:
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If youre looking for a fun and frugal holiday craft to do with the kids, this Simple Santa Treat Holder fits the bill. Not only is it a cinch to make, but you can find everything you need right in your own home and local Dollar Tree Store. This treat holder is perfect for giving as party favor, doing as a classroom craft and is just a great way to get into the holiday season for less. This is so easy to recreate! 

Santa Treat Holder Made Using Toilet Paper Rolls

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Supplies Needed:

  • Cardboard paper towel or toilet paper rolls
  • Red and black construction paper
  • Glitter foam
  • Craft glue
  • Scissors

How to Make This Christmas Craft:

  1. Begin by rolling your cardboard tube in red construction paper. Add a dab of glue to the seams and press the paper to the tube to secure it.
  2. Use your scissors to cut any excess paper off. You want the red paper to fit nice and evenly. This will act as the coat of Santa.
  3. Next, you will create the holder by folding down the ends of the roll. Press down the front side and the back side so they are bending towards each other. On the bottom end, add a dab of glue and secure the two flaps together. You will leave the top flaps open so you can add whatever treats you wish.
  4. Cut a strip of black construction paper that is about 1 inch wide. This will also be wrapped around the tube to look like Santas belt. Secure the strip with glue and cut it to fit.
  5. To create Santas buckle, cut a square out of the glitter foam. We chose green since it seemed to go well with the holiday! Gently fold the square in half and cut another small half square out from the foam. When you open your large square back up, you will now notice it looks like a frame and resembles a buckle more.
  6. Apply some glue to the back of the buckle and press it firmly to the front of your treat holder.

Now all you need to do is fill the treat holder up with candy or any other small favors of your choice. Once they are filled, you can either seal them shut with glue like you did the bottom half or a piece of tape so they are simple to open and close. Either way, children are sure to enjoy digging into them and seeing what is inside.

As you can see, making your own Santa Treat Holders is a cinch. Just give these simple directions a try, have fun, and see what you can create!

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