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DIY Double Decker Toy Car Garage

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Any mom of boys will tell you little guys love to play with cars and trucks. I’m not certain but I think making the vehicle noises might be their favorite part! I’ve learned pint-sized boys can produce ten-gallon sized tire squeals, engine revs and metal crashes.

DIY Double Decker Toy Car Garage

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If your boys are anything like mine, they will also squeal with delight when they see this double-decker toy car garage.

Of course you need to enlist their help emptying a couple of cereal boxes first. Bet you won’t have a problem finding volunteers.

My boys love both the Fruity Pebbles and Cocoa Pebbles. We could build an even taller version with our empties!

How to Make a Toy Car Garage from Cereal Boxes

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I think this garage is a super idea, especially for those rainy afternoons when the boys have to stay inside. Or really, anytime you want them to get busy while you’re busy with something else.

If your boys are a little older and can be trusted with scissors, they could probably build this themselves.

Double Decker Toy Car Garage DIY


  • 2 cereal boxes
  • Tape/glue (I used hot glue)
  • Scissors
  • Toilet paper rolls

DIY Car Garage

How to Make a Toy Car Garage

1. Cut the box fronts off two cereal boxes, leaving sides and bottoms intact.

2. Beginning about 2” from the top edge of each box, cut a three-sided opening to use as a ramp. You’ll use extra cardboard and tape to lengthen the ramp when you put it together.

3. Use one box front as the garage base.

Cereal Box Toy Car Garage

4. Glue a toilet paper roll to each corner of the base.

5. Add one cereal box as the second level; glue it to another round of toilet paper roll columns.

Fun Crafts with Boys

6. Repeat for the third level.

Cereal Box Craft Hacks

7. Tape ends down for greatest stability.

Hot Wheels Toy Car Garage

Get ready for hours of imaginative play! With sound effects.

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