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Dinosaur Party Food Ideas

Table of Contents

1. Seriously, could there be anything better than a real working volcano cake? This one was achieved by using dry ice.

2. Dino chow – a mixture of pretzel sticks, gummies and granola – offers up a quick snack or an idea for an edible dinosaur-themed favor.

3. These dino dig cups are a creative version on the traditional dirt cup. Hide little eggs or candy dinosaurs in them for the kids to find as they scoff down this delicious chocolate mix.

4. This creative dinosaur party menu has something that is sure to please everyone. The meal at the Cretaceous Cafe included Pterodactyl wings (honey and soy chicken wings) as well as bronto burgers (warm roast ham in a bun). Vegetarians had the option of munching on Herbivore Heaven.

6. If you’re looking for a healthy alternative to desserts, how about carving a dinosaur from a watermelon and using it to serve fresh fruit.

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