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Decorations for a Thanksgiving Kids’ Table

Table of Contents
  1. Check out these party supplies for your kid-friendly Thanksgiving:
  2. Be sure to check out some more kid-friendly Thanksgiving ideas here.
  3. Plus, don't miss out on 11 Cute Thanksgiving Party Food Ideas...

The Thanksgiving kids’ table idea has been gaining popularity this season.

Gather your supplies for decorations that enhance the holiday theme and have fun creating a welcoming environment for guests of all ages.

Stefanie, of Anna and Blue Paperie, offers some lovely options for table décor and party favors.

Thanksgiving Kids' Table Decorations

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This table is cozily set in front of the fireplace with a mantel that sports a “Happy Thanksgiving” swag. A central tray holds a fall arrangement of artificial pumpkins.

Thanksgiving Kids' Table Decorations

It’s flanked by candy filled, mini cornucopias that are cleverly made by using ice cream cones.

Thanksgiving Kids' Table Decorations

The table features a cloth runner, but paper placemats are used to boost color and protect the table.

This is a practical solution for those who want the decorations to be holiday special, but recognize the reality of potential kid messiness.

Thanksgiving Dessert Idea for Kids

The table is set with paper plates, but gooey desserts are wisely served in glassware.

Each little guest finds a name tag to welcome them to their place. These are not identical, but they are coordinated in autumn colors.

DIY Thanksgiving Craft Ideas

A plastic cup holds crayons for marking the menu choice card. It has easily been made party ready with google eyes and a paper beak and wattle.

Perhaps you might want to provide Thanksgiving coloring sheets, too, to keep sated young guests contentedly sitting while you linger over coffee.

Thanksgiving Favor Idea for Kids

Stefanie offers some beautiful patterns on her Thanksgiving printables.

She includes a fill-in-the-blank tag that says “I am thankful for…” which could be used as conversation starters for kids and adults. There is a choice of medallions for favors and surplus send homes.

These grace notes can add some great finishing touches for your Thanksgiving gathering.

Thanksgiving Favor Ideas

Check out these party supplies for your kid-friendly Thanksgiving:

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  • Ornamental Indian Corn
  • Fall Harvest Mini Pumpkins
  • Natural Wood Clothespins
  • Traditional Hand Carved Wooden Decorative Flute
  • Orange Treat Boxes
  • Wooden Chalkboard
  • Metal Pumpkin Taper Candle Holder
  • Mini Metal Cookie Cutter Set
  • Mini Pie Pan
  • Half Pint Mason Jars

Be sure to check out some more kid-friendly Thanksgiving ideas here.

Plus, don’t miss out on 11 Cute Thanksgiving Party Food Ideas

A close up of many different types of food, with Thanksgiving and Party

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