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Cowboy Western Boy’s Party

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A close up of a fence

A close up of a sign

I really like the work that the team at Dolce Sombremesa does every time they create a boy’s party. It typically has depth and texture and lots of great details. And today’s feature is certainly no exception. Susana and Clara created this absolutely wonderful cowboy western themed party as a modern first communion celebration. At the end of the post, we’ve got all the details in their own words (in italics).

Party and Cowboy

A close up of a box

A bunch of food on a table, with Party and Cowboy

A close up of a cake

A close up of a cake

A tray of food with rice, with Party and Cowboy

Food on a table, with Party and Cowboy

A tray of food on a table, with Party and Cowboy

An empty bottle on a table

Party and Cowboy

Food on a table, with Party and Cowboy


A knife sitting on top of a table

A close up of a piece of paper

A sign in front of a cake

Here’s what Susana and Clara had to say about the fete:

We styled this party for a modern First Communion celebration. The Western theme was a surprise for Raul, a very sweet boy who loves horses, cowboys and Playmobil® toys. We created a single backdrop that we used for three different Western scenes that took place during this day-long celebration at different spots of Raul’s home.

First, as guests arrived they had their pictures taken at the photocall.The parents decided they liked Raul Ranch better than Raul’s Ranch, 🙂 A few hours later, cake and favors were provided after lunch was served We designed this cake that features a real Playmobil®  figurine on top and the First Communion boy modelled figure at the bottom, who just joined the party and is wearing a cowboy hat. The cake was served on wooden plates with decotated wooden spoons, napkins and a mini flag topper. The favors were drawing pads and small chocolate boxes, also designed by us.

At last, the sweets table was presented with many yummy treats! Gummy hamburgers & sodas, cupcakes, popcorn, ham and cheese brioches, mini waffles with Nutella, ice pops, candy stones and a bank of m&m’s filled gold ingots. As everything was designed and handmade by us with lots and lots of love!

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