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Country Garden Themed Baby Shower

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These beautiful baby shower ideas look so refreshing enough to give you spring fever! Sunny, of Sunny by Design, created a lovely Country Garden theme baby shower. In the midst of a room full of darling paper flower decorations, a sweet dessert table features a cake that looks like a baby’s wooden toy blocks. Daisies and primroses even top the cupcakes. Blooms and butterflies abound. Consider this an invitation to stop and smell the flowers while you garner ideas on how to make your next baby shower unforgettable.

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This baby shower was hosted at a dance studio. That means there were mirrors and dance bars around the room which could make decorating a challenge but Sunny used the venue to her advantage by putting the dessert table in front of the only wall without a bar. That mirrored wall was covered with blue, white, and yellow paper flowers and the pretty dessert table decoration effects were doubled by the mirror.

She used the dance bars to hang cute pennant bunting and large tissue paper flowers. Sunny used a simple, embroidered cloth is used as the tables foundation. She arranged miniature paper punched flowers in blue and yellow around the serving pieces. A double-layered pedestal displays charming cupcakes dressed up in checked wraps.

Lemon buttercream wafer cookies are stacked under a glass dome; they would still look inviting if they were simply set out on a plate, but doesn’t the glass dome make it look more special? Lemon lush parfaits look terrific in their own lidded jars. Sunny said they are simple to make: layer crushed pecan sandy cookies, sweetened cream cheese, lemon pudding and top it off with a generous dollop of whipped cream. Yum!

Oreo cake pops look darling, dressed up with sprinkles, bows, and tiny flowers. An extra, small detail is the tray has been lined with a patterned paper and a paper butterfly perches on the edge. Blue and white checked medallions are used for food labels. An extra-large, coordinating medallion fronts the table with Its a Boy. The water bottles also wear the matching checked wraps. Bouquets of paper windmills and fabric flowers that match the bunting further enhance the decorating scheme. Notice there are more fabric flowers visible in the glass lantern. The lovely fresh flowers in a metal watering can go home with mama-to-be after gracing the dessert table.

For fun shower activities, Sunny started by creating a Well-Wishes Tree. Small tissue flower poms decorate a bare tree branch; cards are at the ready for guests to pen best wishes. She also made a finish-the-rhyme print-out and encouraged guests to write answers even if they didnt really know the rhyme. Silly responses gave them all something to laugh about! Sunny said these tutorials inspired the flower designs that her friend, Connie Gingerich, helped create: 1) DIY Spring Paper Flowers Tutorial, 2) Giant Paper Flowers from Ruche, 3) Brown Paper Flower Tutorial.

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