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5 Classic Party Games for Kids Your Boys Will Still Love

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Table of Contents
  1. 1. Pop The Balloon
  2. 2. Mini Basketball
  3. 3. Fish Tank
  4. 4. Sack Races
  5. 5. Piñata
  6. Looking for more kids party games? Check out these posts:
  7. And these 23 ideas for backyard party games that we think are pretty cool!

When you are celebrating the day your son was born, you want all the world to celebrate with you!

Colorful decorations and a super dessert table with an awesome birthday cake will get the party moving, but the birthday boy and his friends will want something fun to do.

Keep them busy with these classic kids party games boys will love and get the good times rolling!

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Olfa Turki, founder of My Kids Guide, often blogs about party games for kids, as well as easy crafts. Here are her picks for five party games that have stood the test of time:

1. Pop The Balloon

From Spaceships and Laser Beams

All boys like to throw darts and pop balloons! Frame a piece of cork board, or check out party supply stores, or the sporting goods department, for a dart board. Add balloons and darts to make this a great game boys will love. Of course this is a game for older boys; make sure they understand your safety rules before the competition begins.

2. Mini Basketball

Attach mini basketball hoops to the side of your house, garage or shop. Boys like free throw contests, dunking contests and they will probably come up with their own competitions, too! Kids who enjoy playing sports will especially love this game.

3. Fish Tank

From Spaceships and Laser Beams

This classic kids’ party game is always a hit with the boys. Use a large tub, pool or tank to hold floating objects for kids to fish out. Magnetic poles and magnets or hooks on each item in the pool will make this an easy game to set up. This is a fun way for kids to fish for great party favors. Use rubber ducks with numbers on the bottom to help them earn their prizes.

4. Sack Races

A great way to engage all that boy energy and fun competition! Grab potato sacks, old cloth bags or extra-large pillow cases. Set a course and mark the finish line. This game is even tons of fun to watch.

5. Piñata

Every party needs a pinata to hit! Of course boys love the hands-on action of trying to break open the pinata first, but the scramble for the candy is fun, too. Fill it full of small toys, treats and goodies for them to gather and take home after the party.

With this resource of classic kids party games boys will love, planning a birthday party just got easier! Games are great for getting kids involved and working together. Kids having fun will create happy memories for the birthday boy and his guests. What a way to celebrate an important birthday for a special guy!

Looking for more kids party games? Check out these posts:

And these 23 ideas for backyard party games that we think are pretty cool!

Proudly Prepared by the Spaceships Kitchen

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