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Circus Party Favor Bag {Boy Party Ideas}

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I have been showcasing some awesome circus party ideas as part of Circus Party Week. For instance, learn how you can make your own DIY circus marquee lights and your own cardboard ferris wheel. And the week will be extended a little into next week so I can do a few more circus-party themed posts. [More boy’s circus party ideas.”]

When I saw these circus party favor bags from Vixen Made I was completely taken with how simple — and how genius they are. Adding a clown nose to a bag?! I wish I had thought of that. The bags were found at Michael’s for 50 cents each and inside there was a box of Lucky Elephant popcorn, Circus paint sheets, a bouncy ball, animal ball and paddle toy, and a lollipop.

Visit the Vixen Made original post to see the fabulous circus themed party in its entirty. There’s a lot more too it than just these fab favors.

Circus and Party

Proudly Prepared by the Spaceships Kitchen

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