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Chuck E Cheese Birthday Party Ideas

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What is the one thing that you want as a parent? The one thing that sends you to the moon and back?

Chuck E Cheese Birthday Party Ideas

I guess the answer could be lots of things but my answer for today would be someone going above and beyond for my child. I’m writing this at the end of what has been a very exhausting day but my heart is so incredibly full from my son’s party this morning at Chuck E. Cheese’s. From the moment we walked in the door and had our wrists stamped for the secure check-in to the moment our Chuck E. Cheese’s host said those sad and final words, “Your party is now over,” our experience was truly one of a kind.

Chuck E Cheese Birthday Party for Kids

Chuck E Cheese Kid's Birthday Party Cups

Party Cape at Chuck E Cheese

When we got to the table, everything was set up and a cape was waiting for the birthday boy, which he so proudly wore! Our host, Cody, promptly took our order and gave me a run through of how our party would go. He was a perfect host, making sure to fully communicate what was coming next so we knew what to expect.

Free Tokens at Chuck E Cheese

Chuck E Cheese Party Games

Tickets at Chuck E Cheese

Fun Birthday at Chuck E Cheese

Chuck E Cheese Birthday Party Fun

The party started with cups full of tokens for every child, so as soon as they arrived, they grabbed their cup and excitedly headed off to find their first game.

Pizza and Drinks at Chuck E Cheese Birthday Party

Fresh Veggie Tray

After 45 minutes, the pizza was brought to our table, ordered just how we like it: fresh, hot and cheesy, accompanied with a vegetable tray of crisp, freshly washed vegetables.

Boys Enjoying Chuck E Cheese Birthday Party

I was busy as the Very Important Parent of the party, taking pictures and making sure to get every shot of Dax holding his pizza, eating his pizza and drinking out of his special Chuck E. Cheese’s cup. Heaven forbid I miss something! When I finally sat down, I grabbed the last slice of pepperoni pizza and enjoyed every last bite of the crispy, garlicky crust, wishing I had sat down sooner so I could have eaten more!

Happy Birthday

Once everyone was properly fed, THE SHOW started! Every child at our party was completely engaged, which was really something considering the age range for our party was 2 to 9-year-olds. The fact that every child was into the show sold me on booking my three-year-old’s next party!

Meeting Chuck E Cheese

They brought all of the birthday stars up to sing with Chuck E. and right there along with all the “big kids” was my little two-year-old! Yes! My shy, bashful, mama’s boy two-year-old! I couldn’t believe that this boy who normally clings to my legs was right up there next to Chuck E., giving hugs and fist bumps.

Chuck E Cheese Birthday Cake

After the show, we sang “Happy Birthday” and Cody lit two candles on Dax’s perfectly chocolate birthday cake. Though he needed a little help from Daddy, the candles were blown out and the kids were eating cake and ice cream in no time. The best part? I didn’t have to bake, cut or serve it!

Pinata at Chuck E Cheese Birthday Party

Birthday at Chuck E Cheese

After the cake, the fun just kept coming with the Ticket Blaster and a pull-string piñata filled with even more tickets and tokens. And finally, Cody brought out gift bags for everyone to take home.

Chuck E Cheese Birthday Party Favor Bags

Tokens, tickets, pizza, prizes, candy. Yes, those are all fun. But the care with which each was given made them worth even more. That’s what made a really fun party into an exceptional experience. That consideration for my birthday boy’s joy sent us both to the moon!

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Chuck E. Cheese’s. The opinions and text are all mine.

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