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Camping Themed Birthday Party…in Neon

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  1. Plan a camping party with these party supplies:
  2. More camping party ideas:
  3. Plus, don't miss out on 23 Awesome Camping Party Ideas...

A boy’s birthday party camp-out…indoors? Yup! Jennifer, of hello love designs, didn’t let challenging weather conditions put the kibosh on her son’s camping party wish; she took the party indoors with some great ideas you can try, too.

Invitations, decorations, party supplies, birthday cake and, even, the party games were built on a rustic theme but with a modern twist. No forest greens or bark brown here: neon brights lit up this boy’s eleventh birthday celebration!

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Jenifer’s home features a stone-fronted fireplace so she had some built-in rustic already and that is where she established the party focal point.

Foam core boards, covered in kraft paper and criss crossed with fluorescent flagging tape, capture attention on the mantel.

The dimensional trophy buck looks terrific front and center, plus he is a tie-in with the Camp Eleven theme, The Buck Stops Here.

A giant metallic “E” for the birthday boy and giant pine cones look great with the neon bright camp lanterns. I like that the twin level dessert table has everything the guys could need for their camp out.

The birthday cake on a pedestal with simple neon stripes builds on the bright theme. Easy-to-do yourself, kraft paper-wrapped boxes (with more neon tape) are used as serving platforms.

Hungry campers discover neon cookies, hit the trail mix, sour neon gummy worms and the party favorite, neon marshmallows, to roast over sterno pots for s’mores.

Food spray paint was used to achieve the bright colors. How cool is that?! Notice the cookies, too—aren’t they fun shapes: pinecones, a camp book, lanterns, buck heads, s’mores?

The lower level of the table holds favor bags and a clever arrangement of neon painted rocks with the message “Eleven Rocks”.

Favors include some good guy ideas: flashlights, survival cord bracelets, Pop Rocks Glow Lollipops and a neon Camp Eleven cookie.

The guest table is also done up in neon bright placemats, plates and cups. Giant confetti dots ramp up party atmosphere where the guys are invited to “make your mark” on the kraft paper background.

Metal buckets are a good way to house the sterno pots for roasting marshmallows.

Graffiti AND fire, all at the same table? You know the guys liked that!

And I like this party, too! Jennifer proves that a mom’s determination will make a way for her son’s party, even when nature doesn’t cooperate!

Plan a camping party with these party supplies:

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More camping party ideas:

Plus, don’t miss out on 23 Awesome Camping Party Ideas

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