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Camping Birthday Party!

Table of Contents

Party and Camping

Party and Camping

Jema from “I Heart Parties” planned this camping themed party to celebrate the 9th birthday of the son of a client. I love all the details that Jema injected in this party. She provided and styled a trail mix bar, drinks, marshmallows for toasting and afternoon tea. The menu for the camping themed party included veggie sticks and dip, wombat droppings (chocolate truffles), compass sugar cookies, egg and bacon pies and fruit cups. Jema says “Set in his huge backyard, Liam and his friends set up their own tent, toasted marshmallows, went on a nature hunt, played on a waterslide and of course slept under the stars with tummies full of pizza!”

A sign on the side of a building

A wooden table

A tray of food on a table, with Party and Birthday

A display in a store

A display in a store

A store in a brick building

For the trail mix bar, the boys grabbed a paper bag and filled it with their own preferences from a selection of mini marshmallows, sultanas, banana chips, pretzels, almonds, sunflower seeds, puffed corn and choc chips.

A stack of flyers on a table

Water was provided in a drink dispenser with tin cans for cups.

Party and Camping

Party and Camping

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