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Buzz Lightyear Birthday Party

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  1. Plan an out of this world Buzz Lightyear inspired birthday party with these party supplies:
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You don’t have to go “to infinity and beyond” to find out-of-this world inspiration for a great Buzz Lightyear themed birthday party.

Suzie from Project: Party Perfect celebrated her son’s 3rd birthday with a Buzz Lightyear inspired party that is full of DIYs while also remaining free from all the commercially licensed products that tend to cost a pretty penny.

Even the color palette is a unique spin on the traditionally vibrant shades of purple and neon green, substituting much more subdued hues of the shades associated with the beloved character from the Toy Story movies.

Mixed with pops of silver metallic, the decorations, bring in that galactic ambience. Stellar treats and party favors make this one party ready for blast off!

Buzz Lightyear Birthday Party Ideas

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Buzz Lightyear Birthday Dessert Table

Plan your Buzz Lightyear dessert table in style!

You can take cues from Suzie, who used silver metallic streamers as a backdrop for her desserts, effectively creating that outer galaxy feel. Some festive tissue balls and tassels added that extra dose of birthday festiveness.

A bunch of food on a table, with Party and Birthday

The dessert table included a color-block cake by Love ‘Em Sweet. I love the simplicity of the cake which features a rocket blasting off on the front and Buzz Lightyear on top.

Cupcakes, Oreo pops, and Rice Krispies pops by Petite & Sweet Treats were all decorated to coordinate with the theme and color palette. Suzie contributed the star-shaped sugar cookies to the dessert offerings.

Buzz Lightyear Birthday Cake

Creating something special for the guest of honor to wear at his birthday party is always a special touch.

One of the most precious handmade details from this boy’s Buzz Lightyear party was definitely the birthday crown created by Suzie for her son!

Doesn’t the birthday boy look so handsome in his crown bearing an enlarged number 3 on the front representing his new age? We think so!

A display in a store

While you are DIYing things, don’t forget the party favors!

When it comes time to prepare your Buzz Lightyear inspired party favors, consider making your own party favor bags.

Suzie started with plain white gift bags and embellished them to look like Space Ranger uniforms. The details are simply amazing!

The favor bags can be filled with just about anything under the sun.

Suzie filled hers with a water gun, snacks and Toy Story stickers.

A close up of an umbrella

Don’t forget to plan for some exciting Buzz Lightyear party activities.

We love the DIY Zurg piñata Suzie made. Finding a commercially produced Zurg piñata would probably be hard, and DIYing your own is definitely more budget-friendly.

I’m sure it was both thrilling and difficult to watch party guests destroy the piñata—a labor of love—with repeated hits!

A close up of a logo

Besides hitting the Zurg piñata, Space Rangers at this party had the opportunity to decorate foam star magnets and construct aliens out of yogurt cups.

A young boy holding a baby

Many fun décor elements from this Buzz Lightyear party were DIYd. Take the welcome Space Rangers sign, party garlands, and even the Buzz Lightyear silhouette for instance.

Suzie shared the DIY of the Buzz silhouette previously with our Spaceships and Laser Beams readers. You can find that post here.

Now that you are filled with Buzz Lightyear birthday party planning inspiration, we can’t wait to see you buzz off and plan your own amazing party!

Plan an out of this world Buzz Lightyear inspired birthday party with these party supplies:

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  • Buzz Lightyear Tumbler
  • Buzz Lightyear Birthday Balloon Bouquet
  • Toy Story Latex Balloons
  • Treat Boxes
  • Buzz Flying Cake Topper
  • Buzz Lightyear Pull String Pinata
  • Buzz Lightyear Banner
  • Toy Story Small Tin Buckets
  • Toy Story Candle
  • Buzz Lightyear Edible Cake Topper Decoration
  • Toy Story Action Hero Candy Bags
  • Toy story Microwave Popcorn
  • Toy Story Cookie Mix
  • Disney Toy Story Party Favor Set
  • Toy Story Treat Stand

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