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Boy’s Superhero Birthday Party Ideas

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  1. Planning a superhero birthday party? Check out these party supplies:
  2. Plus, get inspired with more super hero birthday party ideas:
  3. Plus, check out 41 Amazing Superhero Birthday Parties...

Put together a boy’s superhero themed birthday party with these great ideas from Justine, at Worthington Weddings and Events, and you will become known as the friendly neighborhood Super Mom.

With party printables from Wants and Wishes and a few innovative DIY projects, Justine created colorful decorations and favors for a stylish birthday party.

A whole team of super kids arrived ready to party and already dressed in their favorite heroic get-ups.

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The boys’ mom, photographer Molly Dues, baked the cupcakes, took the pictures and provided her photography studio as the party venue. The guest table stripes and brightly colored masks really show well against the white studio walls.

It isn’t easy to throw a joint party for a four-year-old and a seven-year-old but this team made it seem effortless. Justine usually works with lace and roses but welcomed the opportunity to create this superhero party for brothers.

She used party printables to embellish the cupcakes and made the themed snack holders.

With the snippets of leftover paper, Justine modge-podged the patterns onto the wooden fork handles. What an easy and economical way to pull all of the design elements together!

I love the menu choices! Could any kid resist something called hero mix? I think I need to try naming certain dinner foods with the word “hero”!

Pigs in a cape (corn dogs!), super nuggets (chicken nuggets), hero mix (snack mix), POPcorn, and personalized cupcakes made it onto the party table. Even the soda pop cans received a makeover with the simple addition of “Pop” labels.

Water bottles received a hero wrap, too and chocolate bars were personalized for the birthday duo.

Justine planned several games for the occasion, all based on the assumption that each hero had super powers: pass the Kryptonite (green glow sticks bundled together); guess what’s in the bag, using the super sense of touch (things like toy cars, rice, deflated balloons); and guess how many balls are in the jar, using super eye sight and brain power.

The three teams of superheroes also had to use their super speed and might to capture the villains (aka good sport parents!). Whichever team tied up their villains first, with the allotted amount of crepe paper streamers, had first dibs at the cupcakes.

Super cute party for a pair of super happy brothers!

Planning a superhero birthday party? Check out these party supplies:

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  • Superhero Sayings Bracelets
  • Super Hero Tote Bags
  • Superhero Comics Plastic Tablecover
  • Superhero Cupcake Picks
  • Pop Art Super Hero Plates
  • Superhero Sticker Roll
  • Marvel Comic Books Wall Border
  • Superhero Comics Sticker Sheets
  • Superhero Favor Boxes
  • Superhero Favor Bookmarks
  • Superhero City Backdrop
  • Birthday Party Table Supplies

Plus, get inspired with more super hero birthday party ideas:

Plus, check out 41 Amazing Superhero Birthday Parties


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