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Free Printable: The Ultimate Summer Bucket List

Table of Contents
  1. The Ultimate Summer Bucket List
  3. Plan the ultimate summer with these kid approved ideas...
  4. Plus, don't miss 15 Genius Hacks for Summer Road Trips...

Remember when you were a kid and summer seemed to go on forever? Sometimes even too-long forever? (Wouldn’t you love the luxury of too much time to fill now? Sigh!)

Summer and Bucket

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What fun escapades are you planning for your boy-joy this season? Will far-flung cousins get to know each at a family reunion? Are you going away on vacation or having a stay-cation this year? Will you host a party for kids in the neighborhood?

Whatever your plans, be sure to include at least some of our classic fun summer ideas for boys and add your own to this bucket list. As you know, summer doesn’t last forever!

The Ultimate Summer Bucket List

  • go barefoot in the grass
  • water balloon fight
  • star gaze
  • make a tent and sleep outside
  • water gun target contest
  • catch lightning bugs
  • run through the sprinkler
  • bike ride
  • go swimming
  • go to a fair: ride the rides, play the games
  • Slip n Slide
  • make a paper boat and sail it
  • go for a boat ride
  • play in the rain (as long as there is no lightning)
  • go to a fair
  • lay on a blanket and cloud watch; what shapes do you see?
  • climb a tree
  • make a fort
  • go on a picnic
  • go to/host an outdoor movie
  • play in the dirt
  • go fishing
  • fly paper airplanes, gliders or kites
  • slurp popsicles
  • paint outside
  • eat ice cream; make ice cream!
  • roast marshmallows; make s’mores
  • play ball
  • plant something and watch it grow
  • go to the beach; make sand castles
  • build a model
  • read books
  • comic book fest; how many can you read in a day?
  • learn knot tying
  • start a collection: rocks, leaves, shells, trading cards
  • play marbles
  • make an outside car race track
  • take pictures
  • keep a summertime journal
  • go for a walk in the woods
  • tell tall tales ’round a campfire
  • make sunshine art prints

Click here to print the Ultimate Summer Bucket List PDF.


Plan the ultimate summer with these kid approved ideas…

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Plus, don’t miss 15 Genius Hacks for Summer Road Trips

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