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Boy’s 6th Birthday Bug Themed Birthday

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  1. Looking for party supplies for your boy's bug birthday party? We think you'll love these party supplies:
  2. Be sure to check out more bug birthday ideas here:
  3. Plus, check out 20 Bug Themed Birthday Parties...

Insect lovers will go buggy over a bug-themed party.

If you aren’t a bug lover, some of the clever ideas might actually make your skin crawl…but don’t miss the fabulous refreshments, including “larvae in a petri dish”.

And be sure to read about the painting activity with Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches!

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Emily used bug themed printables to set the stage for what I am sure was a truly unforgettable experience. She strung printable “happy birthday” leaf garland to liven up the party space, in addition to garland made from varying sizes and colors of circles in the party colors.

Hanging chandeliers were also made from this circle garland and definitely added interest to the ceiling.

I love the chosen color palette with pops of red and blue mixed in with the more natural shades of green and brown.


Throughout the party space there were perfectly placed reminders of the bug theme. Some of my favorite accents included an oversized ant, the cute “I love bugs” sign and black 3-D letters spelling out the word “bugs” displayed on a shelf.

Emily also covered the table and refreshment areas with tan paper which brought in an “earthy” feel. If bug juice didn’t quite sound appealing, water bottles with custom labels were also available.

All sorts of clever snacks were on display with coordinating printable bug food labels. My favorite in terms of creativity had to be the “petri worms” Jello. I’m not sure I could actually stomach it, but it looks so cool and kids would love it.

Other fun menu items included cinnamon “cockroaches”, cheese “beetles” and grape “caterpillars”. I can only imagine the conversations as little guests picked out their snacks.

The main dessert consisted of cupcakes and cake topped off with colorful (gummy) worms! So fun, right?

Theme appropriate activities can sometimes be a challenge, but in this instance, Emily rocked the activity plans.

She had arranged for The Bug Lady to visit with her menagerie of bugs.

In addition to interacting with the creepy crawly party guests, the kids got to ‘paint’ with Madagascar hissing cockroaches on 8×10 canvas.

Talk about a unique takeaway! I bet not many party goers can say they’ve ever done that before!

I had to chuckle at the photos Emily sent us. Some of the parents look completely terrified!

One of my favorite things about the party has to be the looks on the PARENTS’ faces as they participate in the insect/animal presentation. Look at mom with the rat on her shoulder. Love it — especially because it is not me.

What an awesome creepy crawly bug themed birthday party — perfect for a little boy’s 6th celebration!

Looking for party supplies for your boy’s bug birthday party? We think you’ll love these party supplies:

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  • Mini Fruit Worms
  • Plastic Magnifying Glasses
  • Realistic Gummy Bugs
  • Insect Cookie Cutter Set
  • Tissue Grass Mats
  • Plastic Ants Cake Toppers
  • Plastic Toy Ants
  • Bugs Sugar Decorations
  • Natural Kraft Bags
  • Beverage Dispenser

Be sure to check out more bug birthday ideas here:

Plus, check out 20 Bug Themed Birthday Parties

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