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[Boy Party] Nautical Themed Boy’s Dessert Table

Table of Contents

A group of glass bottles on a table, with Party and Birthday

Party and Birthday

Today’s boy party inspiration is another gem I found on our Spaceships and Laser Beams Facebook news feed. I originally spotted the adorable nautical cupcakes from Cake Envy and then tracked down the original party and found it was an absolutely gorgeous christening/baptism created by Avie and Lulu in Melbourne (what a backdrop!!!!). I could easily see this working as a boy’s first birthday party as well. Lots more photos below!

A table with a cake in front of a window

A cake sitting on top of a table

Party and Birthday

Food on a table, with Party and Laser

Dessert and Cake

A decorated cake on a table

Party and Birthday

A piece of cake sitting on top of a table Party and Laser

Proudly Prepared by the Spaceships Kitchen

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