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Boy Meets World Baby Shower

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A baby shower always celebrates the baby’s arrival, but have you ever thought of it as Boy Meets World? Brittany, of GreyGrey Designs, always wows us with her parties and this one doesn’t disappoint. Brittany is masterful at pulling together theme ideas. This event is gorgeous from the invitations to the decorations, right on through the delightful favors and baby shower games. Even the cupcakes are unforgettable.

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The shower invitation asked guests to bring something that would represent the baby’s birth year. All items went into a keepsake suitcase for Mom to take home; someday Mom will share stories about all of that with the baby. Isn’t that a great idea? In the meantime, it made a darling display for the party. Tiny suitcases with thank-you luggage tags were take-home party favors. They held “plantable” seed papers in the shape of Earth and included instructions on how to plant the papers and watch beautiful flowers appear in six weeks.

To make the unique wreath over this display, Brittany folded a double layer of maps and fronted the circlet with “Max” in spray-painted, chipboard letters. It’s a great idea to use an existing frame to hang the wreath; no extra holes in the wall. Since Brittany decided to go with a map theme, vintage shades of sage green, aqua, and tans were her inspiration colors. She was able to clear out all of the living room furniture and bring in rented tables and chairs. Not only did that allow all room colors to coordinate, but every guest had a good view of the guest of honor as she opened their gifts. Guest table centerpieces were either yarn-wrapped hat boxes or chipboard boxes “hodge-podge” with maps. All held lovely hydrangea arrangements.

A “Max Meets World” banner was hung over the gift opening area. The flowers are simply coffee filters, dipped in blue food coloring. The dazzling dessert table arrangement is delightful. The various flowers were all hand-crafted by Brittany out of maps and coffee filters and food coloring. The backdrop quote was also a Brittany project. She printed the words as large as her printer allowed, cut out the words, and made herself a lovely stencil with a grand sentiment.

The food itself was attractively arranged on various pedestal levels. The menu consisted of global cuisines such as Greek cucumber salad, Hawaiian bacon-wrapped pineapple, Indian samosas, Mexican 7-layer dips, and Chinese egg rolls. The darling cupcake stand was a fortunate antique mall find and already painted in aqua. More maps and chipboard produce the “Max” decoration, which could later be used as nursery décor, too.

The beverage station looks elegant with a large decanter and crystal goblets; the flags proclaim “Welcome” in various languages. Another map banner flies over this table; map “flowers” continue the theme. Brittany says that one vintage atlas went a long way for decorating this party but we know that without Brittany, that book couldn’t have traveled too far!

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Baby shower and Party

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