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[Boy Bash] Cowboy Birthday Dessert Table

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Every Tuesday till early September we’re going to be featuring a budget themed dessert table or tablescape from the talented women who have graciously volunteered to take on our Boy Bash on a Budget Challenge. And we’re even going to throw our own work into the ring from time to time and follow the same budget confines. Every participant gets the Spaceships and Laser Beams Collection of their choice + $50 for a dessert table or $20 for a tablescape. They can also use anything they are able beg or borrow, make themselves or already own.

If today’s Boy Bash on a Budget Challenge feature isn’t a clear example of how creativity makes any budget table look like a million bucks, I don’t know what is. I am absolutely in love with everything that Justine of Sensationally Sweet Events did for this cowboy themed dessert table. The donuts cut to resemble horseshoes are seriously what a kid’s birthday party on a budget is all about. You can learn more about Justine’s approach and what she spent at the end of the post.

To start off the planning for this table, I went through my house and table props cupboard to determine what I already owned that would be suitable for this theme. Rustic old picture frames were perfect as food platters, an old crate as a centrepiece that I have used on other tables and an old brown suitcase as well as some apples from my fruit bowl! I had recently purchased an old bread loaf baking tin which I planned to use on an upcoming bridal shower table, but I thought it would be perfect for to house the fudge and marshmallow pigs in on this table first. I already had quite a bit of burlap material and the packaging material that I have used on previous Dinosaur party and Mother’s Day tables.

Being a party table stylist, there were also a few lollies, mini chocolates, wooden spoons, fabric bags, stripy straws, cake pop sticks and ribbon etc that I have in storage that I was able to use and I always have baking ingredients on hand to make things like the cookies, chocolate pancake stack, fudge and mousse pots. I had the pig eyes’ on hand from a baby shower where I had made baby pops and popping corn and pink & blue food colouring from my pantry. The plastic farm animals were “borrowed” from my sons, they were pleased to give them to me to be painted in return for some of the goodies from the table after photos were taken 🙂 and the plants were taken from cuttings from my garden. 

The $50 budget ($49.50 spent) was broken down like this: 

Timber and chicken wire for my husband to make the backdrop – $17
Blue spray paint to paint a few of my children’s plastic farm animals – $3
Hessian string – $2
Donuts for the horseshoes – $2
Marshmallows for the pigs (large and small) – $3.50
Jelly packet – $1
Chocolate melts (coloured pink for the pigs) – $5
Chocolate candy writer tube (to outline the cookies) – $7
Plastic bags for the cookies – $5
Bottles of bubble mix – $2
Packet of snake lollies – $2

Proudly Prepared by the Spaceships Kitchen

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