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Where to Stay, Eat & Visit in Stowe, Vermont

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I recently had the pleasure of traveling to Vermont in partnership with Vermont Tourism and  Cabot Creamery. I’ll be honest — I’d never thought about heading to Vermont in the summertime. According to one of my favorite movies, White Christmas, Vermont is America’s snow playground after all. 🙂 What would I do without snow?!

However, I am pleased to report my trip was incredible. I could have happily stayed much longer because there was so much to see and do. And there was lots of delicious food! (I’ll be sharing some recipes inspired by my trip soon, so stay tuned.)

Covered Bridge in Stowe Vermont

We stayed in Stowe, Vermont, a darling town that has a gorgeous ski resorts.

Stowe Mountain Ski Resort

It was amazing, even though it wasn’t winter. There were opportunities to ride a gondola, zip lining, biking and tons of hiking on trails of all levels.

Bikes in Stowe Vermont

The views from every direction were gorgeous — no matter the season. I cannot wait to go back to see how the luscious green turns to autumn colors.

As soon as I arrived, I could sense the slower pace of life. It was heavenly. The whole vibe of the town was peaceful. Everyone I encountered was so kind and friendly. The historic downtown was the perfect slice of Americana. We spent time in the historic village, which I highly recommend.

Stowe Vermont General Store

But first things first, there was a plethora of great hotels to choose from. We stayed at Topnotch Resort. It was peaceful and beautiful and the staff were so nice. It was super close to the ski hill and had a lot of great amenities on site including indoor and outdoor pools.

The grounds at Topnotch Resort were just beautiful and the decor was just the right touch of modern ski lodge. I ended up loving my room and would definitely stay there again.

Topnotch Resort Stowe Vermont

And their spa you guys… it was to die for. I’m a sucker for any place that has you slip into a luxurious robe before your treatment. I did a signature massage at the spa and was so relaxed that I wished I had booked a facial to follow. Ha!

You all know that I love to eat — and Vermont didn’t disappoint. I loved that many of the restaurants featured local foods. Each meal was mouthwatering!

One of my favorites was at Edson Hill, where we ate on the outside patio with this view:

Edson Hill Balcony View

I had sweet potato gnocchi and it was perfect. But I had no doubts, no detail was left unattended to at this place — from the decor to the drinks.

We were told by a local that we had to drive to a local farm to get a real maple creemee, which is a maple soft serve ice cream. And let me tell you, it was one of the best things I have eaten. Like in my entire life. Ever.

Maple Creamee Sign Vermont

It was SO good. You’ll want to eat a dozen of them on your trip! I was told that every person in their area has their favorite place to get a maple creamee and they will “argue” about it. And it’s true, I witnessed it firsthand. LOL I’d be willing to go back and try all the options to break the tie.

We were also able to sneak in some great hiking. I wouldn’t consider myself very outdoorsy and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Everywhere you looked was so green and pretty. There were so many trees and rolling hills.

Stowe Vermont

And the weather! It was warm but not humid.

Here at home it gets so humid I could melt into a puddle as soon as I step outside. So to have gentle warmth and not deal with humidity was divine.

Another great destination was the Von Trapp Family Lodge, which I was delighted to find out is in Stowe. Yes, THOSE Von Trapps! I loved The Sound of Music when growing up, so to be able to visit and see their history in person was a thrilling adventure for me.

Ben and Jerry Tour Vermont

While we there we also did the official tour of the original Ben & Jerry’s factory. Ben and Jerry’s has been a favorite treat forever — so getting to go to the original factory in Vermont was cool! Best of all, samples at the end in the room where Ben and Jerry first perfected their original recipes.

Cabot Farmers Store Vermont

Speaking of foods I love, we stopped into the Cabot Farmer’s Store — which is about halfway between Ben & Jerry’s Factor and Cold Hollow Cider Mill. I loved it way more than I even thought I would and I love me some cheese. They had ALL the cheeses set up so you could taste them and they were available for purchase too.

We ended up picking a couple of our favorites, some crackers, salami and other local treats — and then had a picnic for lunch with all the Vermont fare we had to try. Loved. It.

I highly recommend heading to Vermont the first chance you get (any season!!!), I KNOW you will love it!

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