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Unique Bug Themed Birthday Supplies

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Boys are fascinating little creatures that bugs cannot get enough of. No — that’s backwards. Bugs are fascinating little creatures that boys cannot get enough of!

Whether they are 2 or 12, bugs intrigue boys so it’s no wonder that boys’ bug themed parties are a huge hit, too.

Check out our awesome Bug Bash Birthday printable supplies to get your birthday boy buzzing with excitement and then crawl through this post to find additional unique bug themed birthday supplies.

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20 Bug Birthday Party Supplies

1. Plastic Magnifying Glasses

2. Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Bag of Bugs

3. Palm Leaf Serving Trays

4. Artificial Ivy Leaf Plants Vine Fake Foliage Wall Party Decor 

5. Tissue Grass Mats Party Decoration

6. Paper Lanterns Lamp Shades Party Supplies

7. Retro Paper Straws

8. Mason Sipping Jars with Daisy lids

9. Culture Petri Dish

10.Retro Paper Straws, Brown

11. Wooden Spoons

12.Baking Cups with Apple Green Stripes

13.Foil Baking Cups 

14. Wood Dessert Table Spoons

15. Dessert Cup Set 

16. Leaf Green Polka Dots Table Supplies

17. Wood Cake Stand

18. Learning Resources Bug Counters

19. Cupcake Topper KIT Creepy Crawly Bugs

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