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Star Wars Printable Treat Cone {Party Supplies}

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We recently featured a Star Wars party by Jason and Heather at Hello My Sweet. I loved all their awesome DIY party supplies and asked if they would share some of the specifics. Low and behold, this awesome treat cone ended up in my mailbox.

Heather says, “Light sabers are to Star Wars what treat cones are to parties these days. The treat cone has become a popular choice for serving up young ones at a party, usually containing popcorn or something similar. Kids can hold and snack on the go while socializing with the other party goer’s. It is with this in mind that we designed the Light Saber Treat Cone to match our Star Wars inspired party theme. We chose to simulate the glowing light saber beam as the cone, and the light saber handle as the base for the cone for a truly unique addition to this popular party theme. These Light Saber Treat Cones come in Jedi green and blue and are simple to assemble. We hope Luke and Obi-Wan would be proud.”

I love the pictorial they included to help you easily assemble the cones. I really need to add this to our to do list for some of our products. If you have a little Jedi in training, you can find printable Light Saber Treat Cones at Hello My Sweet.

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