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It’s hard to believe it’s January already! The holiday season always flies by — filled with memories and beautiful new traditions. I have to admit, I do love January and the fresh start I feel each year. I seize the opportunity for more organization, new choices, and of course: lots of beautiful parties! If you’re like many moms, you’re evaluating life, getting more organized, and planning the next fabulous gathering. {Not to mention, swearing to exercise more.} I’m excited that you’re here with me for all these things.

My goal is to celebrate boyish charm — and you beautiful mamas — in every aspect of Spaceships and Laser Beams! Every month, readers who sign up via email to receive our daily newsletter – and get boy party ideas delivered right to their mailbox – receive a free printable. This month, it is this adorable little birdie birthday card. Plus, you get access to all of the free printables previously released.

As always, I’m so honored that you choose to spend with me at Spaceships and Laser Beams. It’s a joy to bring you gorgeous parties and daily tidbits to celebrate our sons. Thank you. {Go here to sign up.}

Stephanie Keeping

Stephanie is in love with a boy named Sam. He has taught her that it’s okay to jump first and look later, to wear a dirty shirt to the park and to decide that today is a good day to take a nap in your rubber boots. She hangs out here blogging at Spaceships and Laser Beams and at our printable party shop on Etsy.