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Planning a Plane Themed Birthday Party: Decoration Ideas

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A boy’s birthday party brings decisions, decisions! My Sam’s fifth birthday is fast approaching – how can my baby be FIVE already?! I’ve been listening to Sam and mulling over the decorations and my dessert table ideas. I’ve already ordered the cake and cake pops (more on that soon).

Planes Themed Boy's Birthday Party

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Like half of the other boys his age, Sam has his heart set on a Disney themed “Planes” birthday. The message of the movie is classic: Dusty underdog overcomes his fears and the world’s low opinion of him and wins the big race, all while doing good deeds along the way. Not a bad idea…it’s just that I’m not big on spending excessive amounts on licensed character party supplies. Of course, I want to throw him a birthday that gives him an ear to ear grin, but I am trying to remain true to my own sensibilities too.

What I’ve decided to pursue is to decorate with some Disney licensed items Sam will love and the rest will be DIY and pieces of my own planes collection. While I don’t have my entire plan figured out yet, here are some of the ideas that I have been thinking about.

Disney always does a tremendous amount of marketing with their characters and movies so there are TONS of options to choose from. I have settled on just a few Disney products. Since most of the party is planned to take place in our backyard, I like this Disney Room Transformation Kit because the large poster type pictures focus on Dusty and his buddies and that will definitely set up the party theme. I’m planning on alternating them along our fence-line with 3D clouds I am going to make from white poster board.

The pennants and the planes ID numbers will add color and look “official” for Sam and his young guests. I’m planning to hang those, along with the banner from our vintage plane collection, across the back of our covered deck. I think it really adds a fun dimension to any party to have banners layered on different levels.

The planes from the kit will be suspended from the ceiling of the covered deck on transparent fishing line. I’m also planning on DIY-ing some clouds so that it appears as if the planes are racing.

Another of the Disney products that I will use is what they call Foam Glider Party Favors. Of course the kids can take the glider planes home with them after the party (if they don’t crash and burn) but I plan on using them for some races in the backyard. I expect chaos!

For the food table, I’m going to be using a mixture of licensed items and unbranded pieces. I plan on using plain blue plates and cups with Disney Planes napkins as an accent. I’ve chosen blue for the cups, plates and utensils because it will nicely tie in the Planes themed products as well as my own Vintage Plane party supplies. For the cups, I’ve had the idea of printing our Vintage Plane Favor Tags on full page labels so that I can cut them out and make stickers. Guest can then print their name on the passenger line of the tag so they will never lose their cup.

I’m also going to use some of the Disney items for the favors but that’s for another day and another post! Stay tuned.


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