Party Supplies for a Balloon Themed Birthday Party

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Check out These Fun Balloon Birthday Party Ideas!

Earlier today, I featured a gorgeous balloon themed birthday party for a four year old boy. The theme actually was the birthday boy’s idea and mom came through with the most gorgeous cake and cookies. I wanted to follow up that party with a special post with more ideas if you are throwing your own balloon themed party. These ideas for party supplies, all easily available on Amazon, would be so much fun at your own celebration.

Click on the links below to learn more about these awesome balloon-themed party supplies:

1. Make your own balloon art with this How To Balloon Animal Kit.

2. This Ja-Ru Rocket Balloons Party Favor Bundle Pack would be so much fun to do outside with birthday party guests!

3. These Chinese Take Out Boxes would be so cute with a balloon tied to them and filled with party favors!

4. Have a water fight! Check out these great Biodegradable Water Balloons.

5. Plus add these cool Water Splashers Water Bombs Team Tubes Balloons.

6. The Balloon Boy of San Francisco could be fun to read at the party or to send home as a favor.

Do you have any party supplies you would recommend for a balloon themed birthday party?

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