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Party Decoration Ideas: 6 Milk Bottles We Love

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Small, simple decoration ideas make a boy’s birthday party extra-special. Sure, you can use plain, Styrofoam cups at a celebration, but milk bottle beverage containers add a lot more oomph and they work for a variety of party themes. Did you know there is more than one style available? Washi tape, twine, label wraps and even ribbon (not pink!) can be used for accents. It’s easy to add patterned straws too, and you’ve got great pops of color for your party table decorations.

Best Milk Bottles for Birthday Parties

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Here are some of my favorites:

Classic Milk Bottles with Striped Straws

1. Classic Glass Milk Bottles

Wide Mouth Milk Bottles with Wire Caddy

2. Wide Mouth Milk Bottles with Wire Caddy

Thin Old Fashioned Milk Bottles

3. Thin Old Fashioned Milk Bottles with Red Straws

Wide Mouth Glass Milk Bottles

4. Wide Mouth Square, Glass Milk Bottles

Plastic Square Milk Bottles

5. Square Plastic Milk Bottle — perfect for a kid’s party since they aren’t breakable!

Mini Milk Bottles for Favors

6. Mini Glass Milk Bottles with Cork Lids

Plus, I love these patterned straws and washi tapes for added pops of color with your glass milk bottles:

What’s your favorite way to add some pizzazz to your glass milk bottles?

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