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How to Make a Dessert Table Name Plate

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Hi guys Samantha from Sweet Eats Cakes back again for another guest post. This time I am going to be showing you a tutorial for how to make a nameplate for a dessert table set-up. [See Samantha’s Finding Nemo baby shower here.”] I know this is a little different from what I usually bring you but when I am designing a dessert table I like to not only do the desserts but also add fun crafts that the birthday child can keep later. I think the nameplate really helps to make the birthday child feel extra special.

1. The first step is to of course decide on your theme for the party and dessert table. Next go to your local craft store and buy wooden letters for the child’s name. Then you want to paint the letters in your corresponding colors to match your party’s colors. I painted mine with an ocean themed gradient of color.

2. The next step was selecting a cheap color book that I could cut characters out of to mod-podge on to the wooden letters. Since the theme for this party was Under the Sea / Finding Nemo I chose a Finding Nemo book. However, I have also done nameplates that looked like Mickey Mouse characters, and other fun characters; the possibilities are endless.

3. After you have cut-out the pictures from the book you want to line up the characters on the letters before you adhere them just to make sure you like the placement of each character. After you have everything laid out the way you want it then you can mod-podge the characters on to the nameplate. Allow time for the glue to dry before trying to handle.

4. The last step is to attach the letters to the wooden base so that the letters will stand. For this base I attached the letters with super glue and then covered the base in glue and covered it with sand. However, if you are choosing a different theme then I would suggest painting your base before attaching your letters to it.

5. After you have attached your letters you are done and your nameplate is ready for display. I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial on how to make your dessert tables extra special. Be sure to check my Pinterest boards for more great ideas on how to plan all kinds of different parties.

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