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Fall Fling Birthday Party Ideas

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The dilemma: you want to have a birthday party for your fall-born child, but the party supply stores are full of Halloween themed items. It can be frustrating for your child to have to share their birthday with such a big holiday, and they can feel like their birthday is being overshadowed by it. Here’s a few solutions for keeping Halloween out of your party, and fall fun in it:

Fall Fling Birthday Party Ideas

Ideas to Make Your Fall Birthday Party Special

1) Think traditional. For your decorations, go with fall themed colors and leaves. Avoid bright Halloweenesque colors, and instead try muted tones like siennas, deep reds, and burnt oranges. Squash and other gourds are available this time of year, and make nice centerpieces. Pick up a couple of these the next time you go to the farmer’s market. If your kid isn’t a picky eater or you’re serving lunch or dinner at the party, try soup in a bread bowl. You can do this with pumpkins, too, if you don’t think that’s too “Halloween” for your kid’s party.

2) Plan out some fall activities that will get you outdoors. Kids love being creative, so try doing leaf rubbings on decorative paper. Collect leaves and do them on picnic tables outside. You can also make cute garlands with your kid’s friends and provide construction paper and scissors. Also think about providing chalk for sidewalk drawings if you have a large driveway. And, as much as you want to separate your child’s birthday from Halloween: you can never go wrong with pumpkin carving. Just make sure you supervise or you invite parents to make sure the kids don’t hurt themselves with knives. Football and soccer are also fun to have and are a good way to get kids outdoors.

3) Have a carnival themed party. Bobbing for apples is a fun way to incorporate this. You can provide different prizes for kids who get the apples. Other carnival games you can include are ring toss, pin the tail on the donkey, and fish bowl toss games. Use customized products for the party from Quality Logo Products or small toys as prizes.

For example, these tote bags would make a nice giveaway for someone who won a fish bowl toss. You can choose from a large selection of items and personalize each item with your child’s name and birthday as a keepsake for guests.

There are lots of ways to make your fall birthday party special for your little one. I hope these ideas help get you started and that your party is a great success!

What will you incorporate at your fall themed birthday party?

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