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Beautiful Custom Thank You Cards are Easy with Postable

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I was raised that you always send a thank you card after receiving a present. The quicker the better, too! But just because I know it’s the right thing to do, doesn’t mean I always look forward to it. In fact, I usually dread it to some extent. My handwriting is atrocious. Trying to make my handwritten note look clean and neat is a chore. Not to mention, because I am left-handed, the cards usually end up on a diagonal since I don’t have lines to guide me. {Can you relate?} The other thing that holds me back is time. I am ashamed to say I have had many thank you cards not get out my front door because I haven’t found the time to mail them.

Customized Thank You Cards

Enter Postable: my new go-to solution for thank you cards!

With a huge and beautiful selection there are incredible options for every occasion. You’ll find thank you cards for Christmas, baby, graduation, birthday parties and wedding. Plus, classic everyday options that would suit any need.

Back when I was really organized, I sent thank you cards after Christmas to everyone who had sent Sam presents. It felt great to let people know who much their generosity towards my little guy was appreciated. I didn’t do it last year and I felt terrible so it’s back on the to-do list for this year thanks to Postable.

With Postable, you can send one card, or a hundred, easily! Placing an order is very simple, with everything available at your fingertips via their easy to use website. They take care of the entire order for you. Once you place your order, they take care of printing and mailing for you. The process is streamlined and your recipient will receive their card in just a few days.  


First, choose your card. Their simple menu options allow you to search for cards by occasion, quickly narrowing down your options.   After clicking the card you want, you can decide if you want to write the card to one person or many people. {Can you say EASY!}   Then, choose your recipient.  

Now, select “New Font” to pick the perfect font for your project. I love that you can make your font match the feel of your card. I don’t want big, boxy letters going out in a delicate, floral card — this option means that will never happen! There are lots of beautiful font options, which made this font-happy girl overjoyed! {Note: tired of trying to convince your kids to write their thank yous? Help them use Postable to complete their cards – there’s even kids’ handwriting fonts to give them a youthful feel}

Write your note inside your card! You’ll see it appear instantly on the screen. Once you’re finished, click “Mail Card” to begin the check out process.

Because your card and postage are taken care of in one simple check out process, you’ll be finished with your thank you cards in no time!

I would highly recommend this site! With Christmas just around the corner, now is the perfect time to utilize Postable for all your thank you cards.  

Make sure to visit Postable on Facebook and Twitter as well. Plus, see all the great ideas they pin on Pinterest.  

What thank you card would you like to use Postable for?

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