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Bamboo Paper Straws

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I think these bamboo paper straws are awesome!

I was out shopping for books with Sam when I literally stumbled upon these Biodegradable Bamboo Paper Straws. I’m always on the lookout for cool party supplies though. They were on racks at the check out and they caught my eye, so I snapped a picture and shared over social media. Next thing I knew people were asking about them.[ You can buy them here, by the way.”]


When paper straws first became a trend a couple of years ago, there was just the traditional stripe. I believe it followed with stars, polka dots and chevron. And now there’s more and more fantastic prints coming out.

Someone mentioned that they had just thrown a koi pond themed party that these would have been perfect for — and certainly any Japanese-based theme would be perfect. Since we’re all about boy party ideas here, how about a ninja party? LOL I use paper straws a basically every party I throw, now I’m looking for excuses to use these so don’t be surprised to see them show up. I also have to admit, I have to admit, they would be perfect for a party or for everyday use just to have something beautiful in your drink! Like a lychee martini 🙂

How would you use bamboo paper straws for a party?

Stephanie Keeping

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