15 Alternatives to Giving Out Halloween Candy

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I always feel torn at Halloween. While I love the season, I don’t love the abundance of candy for my boys. Don’t want to hand out candy this year for Halloween? Here are some great candy alternatives that kids will love to get! There are some great ideas here including glow in the dark bouncy balls, sliding whistles, foam Halloween masks, temporary tattoos, toys, animal noses, stickers and so much more! Best of all, most of the options are very budget friendly, so you wouldn’t end up spending more than if you purchased candy.

Alternatives to Giving Out Halloween Candy

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1. With this Halloween Toy Asssortment you get 100 little objects that kids will adore including whistles, masks, porcupine balls, squeeze balls, puzzles, keychains, toy magnifying glass, paddle balls, toy skateboards, toy dinosaurs, pencil toppers and more!

2. This  Halloween Party Favor Pack has 72 Halloween-themed objects, reflecting the colors and images of the season.

3. These Glow In The Dark Bouncing Balls are a great deal. You get 4 dozen of them for under $9 – and I love that they are a bit more useful.

4. My sons love temporary tattoos and these Halloween Glitter Tattoos would be a great option instead of candy. 72 of them are only $6.

5. How fun would it be to give out these Halloween Pirate Eye Patches?

6. Or how about these Foam Halloween Masks? They’re under a dollar each and I can imagine how fun it would be for the kids to find them in their bags. If that’s a little pricey for your budget it might be a nice touch for kids who are close to your family.

7. I don’t know if the other parents would love you for giving out Halloween Slide Whistles but I know the kids would!

8. With these Halloween Prize Pack Stickers you get 24 sheets with 9 stickers each for under $2. You could give the kids individual sheets or cut up the stickers into singles and have a very budget-friendly Halloween night.

Carving a Jack-o-lantern this year?

We have sourced more than 700 free templates for pumpkin carving. You will find every idea you could possibly want from Star Wars to simple Halloween silhouettes. There are options for every skill level and many that your kids can tackle themselves.

9. At a little over 30 cents each, these Kids Glow in the Dark Dracula Vampire Fangs are exactly what the kids will vant.

10. Sometimes Halloween ideas can get a bit masculine, with so many great colors, these Neon Jelly Bracelets would be great for little girls (and many boys too).

11.  I love the idea of the kids playing with these Make a Pumpkin Jack-o-lantern Halloween Stickers after a night out of trick or treating.

12. We’re all for any idea that promotes reading, these Halloween Character Bookmarks would be a great treat for school when candy isn’t allowed.

13. These Fake Rotten Teeth Halloween Party Favors are disgusting. That’s probably what makes them fantastic in a little boy’s eyes. 🙂

14. If you’re looking for a bigger ticket item these  Sun-Staches (The Original Mustache Sunglasses) would fit the bill.

15. I think these Animal Noses are darling and the price is reasonable too. 3 dozen of them are under $19.

Do you have any suggestions for alternatives to giving out Halloween candy?

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