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20 Monster Truck Party Must-Haves

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Little boys love monster trucks! So a monster truck themed birthday party is a natural choice for many little guys. From the thrill of going fast, to all the dirt, it’s easy to see why it’s such a popular choice. If you aren’t sure what to offer at your party, we’ve sourced some great supplies and favors for you. They are sure to please the birthday boy and his friends.  

20 Monster Truck Birthday Party Must-Haves

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Monster Truck Birthday Party Supplies:

  1. Monster Truck Birthday Banner
  2. Monster Truck Hanging Decoration
  3. Mudslinger Monster Truck Cupcake Wrappers with Picks
  4. Creative Converting Mudslinger Square Dessert Plate
  5. Monster Truck Cupcake Holder
  6. Plastic Racing Flags
  7. Racetrack Runner
  8. Monster Truck Cookie Cutter
  9. Plastic Checkered Tablecover
  10. Monster Jam Tire Cups
  11. Creative Converting Mudslinger Birthday Party Hat
  12. Mudslinger Monster Truck Foil Balloo
  13. Ya Otta Pinata Monster Truck
  14. Monster Truck Temporary Tattoos
  15. Creative Converting Mudslinger Birthday Loot Bag
  16. Monster Pullback Trucks
  17. Monster Truck Jam Cupcake Ring
  18. Monster Jam 3D Party Favor Box
  19. I’m a Monster Truck
  20. Creativity for Kids Monster Trucks Custom Shop
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What would your son love to see at his monster truck themed birthday party?

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