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13 Great Dinosaur Party Supplies

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Are you throwing your own dinosaur birthday party?

We’ve featuring some truly great dinosaur birthday parties here at  Spaceships and Laser Beams. Everything from a fun dinosaur dig party to cool fossil hunter party and just about everything in between. If you are looking for dinosaur party supplies, here are some fantastic ideas you can grab on Amazon to make your party a success!

1. I think this Silikomart Silicone Dinosaur Mold would be fantastic to make these dinosaur crayons.

2. Check out these Assorted Medium Sized Plastic Toy Dinosaurs which would be perfect for painting as table decorations!

3. These Assorted Dinosaur Fossil Skeletons would be great to bury and then send kids on a mission to dig them up!

4. Get the kids active outside with these Dinosaur Gliders ! They would be a fun little project to assemble and then play with!

5. Jumbo Inflatable Dinosaurs would make fantastic favors to stick in each child’s party bag!

6. Everyone loves a good Dinosaur Tattoos! The kids could even apply them at the party.

7. These Plastic Dinosaur Mugs are a fun and practical gift that guests will be able to enjoy long after the party is over.

8. Keep the kids busy before or after the party with some fun Assorted Dinosaur Stampers!

9. These Dinosaur Bubble Bottles are super cute!

10. Dinosaurs Eggs with Mini toy Dinosaur figures would be fun to hide or include right in your party bag!

11. I love the idea of including this cute How Do Dinosaurs Say Happy Birthday? board book in your party bag!

12. These Dinosaur Spiral Note Pads are fun and the dinosaurs have great little faces!

13. These Foam Dinosaur Masks would be so much fun to include at your party! It would be cute to get a few photos with all the guests in masks!

What are your favorite dinosaur party supplies?

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