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Super Bowl Party Game: Rate the Commercials Printable

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This fun printable scorecard will make watching Super Bowl commercials even more fun!

If you’re like me, a super bowl party is more about the good food and time with friends than it is the game itself. And of course, the commercials!

Each year, my dear friend Nick and his gal Mel host a big super bowl party at their house. It’s such a fun event and something I look forward to every year. It doesn’t matter if a favorite team ends up playing, the time spent with friends, eating incredible food is so much fun.

As always, the commercials will be a talking point during the big game.

Brands spend a lot of money on this screen time. A 30-second spot can go for as much as $4.5 million. Isn’t that wild?! The stakes are high for companies to nail the ads.

Of course, people talk about the game. But the real star of the show seems to be the commercials.

In my experience, many times people don’t even pay attention to the game itself or the teams playing — but they’ll crowd around, watching the commercials and discussing their favorites for days to come.

Let’s talk about some past super bowl commercials that win the most memorable award.

The force. I LOVE this one!

“Hey, kid – catch.”

Imported from Detroit.

And because I love Betty White…

This year, it’ll be even more fun because of this awesome little printable. We’ll be using it to officially rate the commercials.

rate the commercials football printable

Print out the sheet and hand out to guests when they arrive, along with a writing utensil.

When a commercial comes on, jot down the name and throw an X in the column that represents your feelings about it.

Choices range from “what was that” to “yawn” to “replay” to “score” to “award winner”.

I think it will be very amusing to see how everyone rates the super bowl commercials this year.

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