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Outdoor Nature Scavenger Hunt with Free Printable

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Want to get the kids outside and moving? How about an outdoor nature scavenger hunt? Supplies for a simple hunt are easy: just this list, a bag for collections and a pencil to mark off what they’ve found.

A personal water bottle and a snack will make it even more fun. Warn them about picking the neighbors flowers, remind them about poison ivy, and send them out with a smile!

Free Scavenger Hunt Printable

This post was originally published in 2014

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When the adventurers return, have a picnic lunch on a blanket and talk about what they’ve found. Guidebooks with leaf identification, rock types and other pertinent information can add to their knowledge.

Let the kids look at their finds through a magnifying glass for a new perspective.

For another sensory experience, have them lay quietly on the blanket with eyes closed. How many sounds can they identify? While they are still lying on their backs, identify types of clouds or find fanciful shapes.

A good scout would tell you to end the explore by taking anything back to its place that should be returned. A REALLY nice mom would hand out ice cream or popsicles!

You can download this free printable scavenger hunt here.


  • 3 different leaf shapes
  • Piece of bark
  • Dandelion fluff
  • Pine cone
  • Find something oval
  • Acorn/nut
  • Find something black
  • Feather
  • Moss
  • Find something heart shaped
  • A weed
  • Grass
  • 3 rocks: shiny, flat, knobby
  • Wild flower
  • A forked stick
  • Something with a scent
  • Location of a bird’s nest
  • Insect
  • Find something round

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What will your kids love looking for outside?

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