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Kid’s Party Games: Water Cup Races

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How many water games have your guys played this summer? I just found a new one. The boys love it. It’s from Allison, at All for the Boys. It’s one of those rare activities that can be played even when no one else is around (those “I’m bored, Mom” moments), and it also works when there’s a gang (think friendly competition). It all revolves around the lowly squirt gun and a plastic cup. It doesn’t use tons of water which I know is a consideration for some areas. Sounding better and better, huh?

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Go visit Allison for game specifics. While you’re there, look up her Fort Friday posts. She has all kinds of inspiration for making forts—another great guy thing. I even saw some I’d like to play in!

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How do you keep the kids from getting bored this summer?

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