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Kid’s Party Games: Marble Race Track

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Any time the kids are happy doing the same thing for more than two minutes makes me a happy mom! Imagine my amazement when the boys wanted to do this little race again and again! As long as your little ones will keep the marbles out of their mouths, you can set them up with this run and get something done! A big “Thank-you” goes to Amy at Serving Pink Lemonade for coming up with this idea…and sharing it…and to Home Spun Threads where I first found this post.

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This would also make an awesome party activity for the younger set. Pool noodles are inexpensive so it would be easy to buy a few and set up several race tracks to keep them all happy.  They might not even take time to eat cake and ice cream. HA!

Be sure to visit Serving Pink Lemonade for the method Amy used to put these together. If you’re a seamstress, while you’re there be sure to look at her delightful quiet book ideas!

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