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Kid’s Party Game: Frozen Fun Ice Block Races

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It seems like Disney’s “Frozen” has captured the imagination of kids of all ages; I can’t even count how many “Frozen” themed party ideas I’ve seen in the past weeks. Most of the parties have been full of lovely decorations and confections for girls but when I saw this game I was intrigued; what a perfect activity for a boy’s birthday party! Sara, of Mom Endeavors, and her husband (Mr. Mom Endeavors!), produced a witty game you’ll want to check out.

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Sara named this game “Sven and Kristoff’s Ice Block Races”. Kid-size teams pull small wood sleds holding ice blocks and the kids love it! Sara says the simple sleds were easy to build using a small piece of plywood, a couple of 1×2 boards and nylon ropes. Visit Mom Endeavors for complete details. While you’re there be sure to peruse Sara’s other Frozen party ideas. I especially liked the pretend insta-snow play.

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