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Best Baby Shower Game Ideas

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I adore a good baby shower — it’s so magical to celebrate a new life and a wonderful mama. Over the years, I have been to many, many baby showers. I love the themed decorations, the yummy food, the oohing and ahhing over cute gifts…. and the fun baby shower games! A well executed game will have guests rolling in laughter as they play, making fond memories they’ll remember for years. Today, the Moms Check In crew is talking about baby showers! Join us in the discussion!

Best Baby Shower Game Ideas #BestBabyShower

Baby Shower Essentials

When I had Sam, I quickly learned that there were some items that made my new job as mama so much easier! If you’re a mom, I’m sure you can relate. My grandmother has often said how amazing modern day products are and how much simpler they make things. Here are some of the essentials I love sharing with any new mom:

  • Bottles, sippy cups and other feeding supplies from Munchkin.
  • Soft, clean laundry that is gentle on baby’s soft skin courtesy of Dreft.
  • Boogie Wipes for little, stuffy noses.
  • Look fresh with help from Downy Wrinkle Releaser — perfect for quick spruce up!


Amanda: Baby shower games are so fun. The last shower I went to had a game that was such a hit. We were all laughing so hard we were crying! We divided into 2 teams and had a relay race. You had to put a balloon under their shirt (like a baby belly) and a ping pong ball between your knees. Then, you had to waddle across the room to drop the ping pong ball into a mason jar. It was called Tinkle in the Pot. And oh gosh….do I remember having to hurry and try to waddle to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night when I was pregnant with my son! It was seriously so fun and absolutely hilarious!

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Courtney: My favorite baby shower game is the Don’t Say “Baby” game. It’s fun to try and not say the word baby the entire time and steal other’s pins who do say the word. You will come up with unique ways to talk about the baby, that’s for sure!

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Jenni: Oh goodness, I’ve been to plenty of baby showers! I have lots of favorite games, can’t pick just one! I love the memory game. Where they pass around a basket full of baby stuff and then you have to remember what they are and write down as many items as you can. Another oldie but a goodie is the “Measure Mommy’s Belly” game where you use toilet paper to guesstimate how big around you think mommy’s belly is. One that they played at MY baby shower that I thought was so funny was picking a few out of the crowd to see who could drink the milk from the baby bottle the fastest! So many awesome memories!!

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Stephanie: I love a beautiful baby shower — it’s so special to celebrate a new life coming into the world. I’ve been to lots of baby showers and I’ve witnessed lots of baby shower games! There are many great ideas out there. Games are a terrific way to entertain guests and break the ice if all the guests don’t know each other. Here are some of my favorite ideas:

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