11 Valentine’s Games and Activities

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What Valentine’s Day party is complete without games? Check out these great Valentine’s party Games and Activities for Kids: Musical Hearts, Heart Healthy Exercise Game, Valentine Minute to Win It, and Heart Hopscotch are sure to keep them active. Some great sit-down activities include the Valentine Tic Tac Toe Game, Valentine’s Day Wack-a-Doodle Mad Libs, Free Printable Valentine Memory Game, and Free Printable Valentine’s Day Word Search Puzzle plus two different Valentine Bingo games.


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Whether you’’re hosting a party at your house or in your boy’s classroom, the kids will be sweet on these ideas!

1. Valentine’s Tic Tac Toe Game :: Make and Takes
How do you ramp up a game of Tic Tac Toe for Valentine’s Day?How about by creating a Valentine’s inspired Tic Tac Toe game board and heart shaped felt beanbag markers?

Musical Hearts Game Idea for Kids Party
2. Musical Hearts :: Teach Mama, Inspired by No Time for Flashcards
This musical hearts game is a perfect indoor game to play for Valentine’s Day and frankly any day that you need something fun for your kids to do inside to burn some energy! It encourages reading and moving and results in crazy fun for kids! All you need is some felt hearts, a permanent marker and kids to play it!
Heart Healthy Exercise Party Game for Kids
3. Heart Healthy Exercise Game :: Make and Takes
With so much emphasis on hearts during Valentine’s Day, this exercise game focuses on keeping hearts healthy! A bean bag is tossed on to a game board to determine what exercise should be performed, followed by a card draw to see how many sit-ups to do. Who knew exercise could be so much fun?

4. Valentine’s Day Wack-a-Doodle Mad Libs :: Cul de Sac Cool
There’s nothing quite like a game of Mad Libs to get the laughter roaring. This Valentine’s Day Wack-a-Doodle Mad Libs is easy to put together. Simply print enough copies of the PDF. Divide the class into partnerships and have one partner ask the other partner for the necessary words to fill in the blanks. Enjoy the resulting laughter as the completed letters are read.

Conversation Heart Bingo for Kids Party Ideas
5. Conversation Heart Bingo :: Create. Craft. Love.
If you’re looking for a fun and simple Valentine’s Day party activity, this is it! It’s traditional old Bingo with a Valentine’s Day twist. Candy conversation hearts can be used as both the game “calling cards” and the game markers. Fun!

6. Free Printable Valentine’s Day Bingo Game :: Crazy Little Projects
Bingo is a great large group game as multiple people can play at the same time! This free printable Valentine’s Day Bingo game makes it easy to incorporate in your Valentine’s Day festivities. Grab some candy to use as Bingo markers and print enough copies of the Bingo cards for your group!

7. Valentine’s Day Tic-Tac-Toe :: Just Between Friends
Print out this adorable love-bug tic-tac-toe game for hours of Valentine’s Day fun! Game pieces were made by painting small wooden hearts! Quick and easy!

8. Valentines Minute to Win It :: Makoodle
Kids love games that are fun, competitive and require some skill! These Valentines Minute to Win It games foot the bill! From racing against the clock to stack the tallest tower of Conversation Hearts to using chopsticks to pick up candy and transfer to a plate (and a couple other games in between), these games will result in a lot of fun!
Free Printable Valentine Memory Game Idea for Kids
9. Free Printable Valentine Memory Game :: Crazy Little Projects
This free printable Valentine Memory Game is perfect for playing with kids at home or using as an activity for a Valentine’s Day classroom party. Just flip over 2 cards, trying to make matches of darling baby animals in love and other Valentine’s themed things.

Heart Hopscotch Party Game Idea for Kids 10. Heart Hopscotch :: Toddler Approved
Heart hopscotch is a fun indoor learning game that is easy to put together with some basic supplies (colored cardstock, markers, painter’s tape and plastic lids) and can teach all sorts of skills. The hand drawn hearts on each hopscotch square make it especially appropriate for Valentine’s Day!

11. Free Printable Valentine’s Day Word Search Puzzle :: Jinxy Kids
Print copies of this free printable Valentine’s Day word search puzzle and enjoy hunting for 17 Valentine’s Day related words!

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