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11 Super Bowl Half Time Games and Activities

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Super Bowl Sunday is a great opportunity for a family fun day— — whether the kids are rabid football fans or not.

With a bit of pre-planning, both serious fans and casual observers can enjoy the football hoopla, décor and fabulous food on the wintry afternoon known as Super Bowl Sunday.

Whether your day is a small family party or you share it with friends, consider some of my favorite game day activities to keep everyone happy.

Super Bowl Half Time Games and Activities

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1. Commercial Scouts: Pregame, each person is assigned a short list of animals or objects. When commercials are on, each person must watch for their items to accumulate points. Highest points win.

2. Super Bowl Bingo: Even marginal fans pay attention in this game! Make up cards to include fan antics, announcer comments, player shenanigans and commercials.

3. Rate the Commercials: Super Bowl commercials are legendary. Rate them 1 (lowest score) to 5 (highest score) by giving each guest their personal stack of cards to hold up with comments such as: Score; Yawn; Replay; What Was That; Award Winner. Based on the group ratings, which commercial was the favorite?

4. Super Bowl Predictions: Have everyone write down their answers to your list of questions before the game starts. Include questions such as: who will win; MVP; final score; which player will score the most points, etc. At the end of the game the person with the highest number of correct predictions wins.

5. Photo Booth Fun: Keep a visual record of the day by stocking your photo booth with football paraphernalia such as helmets, shoulder pads, footballs, and cheerleader pom-poms. Capture your best game faces. Bonus: the youngest guests can play dress-up with the props.

For the younger set, plan a few additional activities. An older sibling or baby sitter will be helpful if there will be a crowd:

6. Decorating (and eating!) football or helmet shaped cookies is always a favorite pastime.

7. Coloring pages, football and helmet lace-ups, or crafting tissue cheerleader poms and noise makers in team colors will keep crafting time football-centric.

8. Kids can make up cheers or pretend they are part of a marching band.

9. Play pin-the-football (between the goal posts).

10. Let each guest cover a small box with green paper and white tape; a touchdown is scored when a ball is successfully tossed into the box.

11. Stuffed toy animal versions of team mascots will amuse youngest guests.

A little pre-planning will make Super Bowl Sunday an anticipated event for everyone. What’s not to love about being together for an afternoon of fun antics, satisfying eats and cheering on a favorite team in the middle of winter?!

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