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White Chocolate and Sprinkles Mousse

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Isn’t that a fun word?

Don’t you immediately imagine tiny dots of something wonderful? That’s what this dessert is, too: wonderful!  It’s a quick and easy favorite around our house but it is also special enough to serve for a birthday celebration or on a party time dessert table. It looks festive and tastes divine. It is sweet, but not overwhelming. What more could you ask for from a dessert…besides no calories?!


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We all have our favorite brands, but I think quality ingredients make a difference in the final taste of a product. Like a lot of you, I’ve become more discriminating in what I feed my family. I’m reading a lot more labels these days. The Burnbrae brand is always my choice for eggs. I liked their products before I visited their farms; I was even more impressed with Burnbrae after I saw their sustainable farming practices firsthand. If you have the opportunity to try their eggs I think you’ll see what I mean.



2 egg yolks
2 tablespoons sugar
1/2 cup whipping cream
2 ounces of white chocolate
1/2 of an 8 ounce tub of whipped topping
3 tablespoons of sprinkles



Beat egg yolks and gradually add sugar.
Heat whipping cream until just hot.
Stir half of the warm whipping cream into egg yolks;
Then stir the egg yolk mixture into the remaining whipping cream.
Stir in chocolate until it melts.
Cover and chill for 3 hours, stir occasionally.
Fold whipped topping, sprinkles and egg mixture together.
Spoon into dessert dishes, add a few more sprinkles on top.
Smile with satisfaction!


Makes 8 servings

Pull out some fancy dessert dishes to show off this indulgence. Of course you can eat this confection with a spoon but I like adding a graphic punctuation with striped straws. Linger over this sweet course with family or friends and enjoy every last sprinkle!

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