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Warm Caramel Bananas & Greek Yogurt

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The holiday season is filled with so many yummy temptations and dessert tables laden with the best party food! What with nostalgic favorites and newbie recipe ideas to try, I know most of us indulge ourselves or else there wouldn’t be so many people who make losing weight a New Year’s resolution!

Recently a friend who has really healthy eating habits told me that our immune systems really take a hit when we eat sugar. I don’t remember the exact time, but she said sugar suppresses the immune system for a few hours every time we eat it! Grr…I almost wish she hadn’t told me that right before Christmas cookie season. But, this mama knows cookie season and cold season walk right next to each other so I’ve been looking for some healthier dessert options too. I mean, I’m not depriving my family of all holiday goodies but it is a good idea to eat with balance.

I think this warm Caramel Banana and Greek Yogurt dessert totally satisfies. Yeah, there is some sugar, but there’s also a good helping of fresh fruit, plus the yogurt packs in protein. My family loves the combination. Sometimes I add strawberries or apples or some other fruit. My guys always gobble it right up!


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This dessert treat is ridiculously easy to make.

–         Put desired amount of Greek Yogurt in a bowl. I generally use about a half cup per serving.

–         Add sliced bananas (or chosen fruit).

–         Put about a tablespoon of milk in a separate small bowl with three caramels.

–         Microwave caramels and milk in 20 second bursts, until caramels melt, gently stirring between bursts.

–         Pour the warm caramel over the fruit and yogurt.

Another option is to forgo the caramels and drizzle a little maple or agave syrup on top instead. Either way, I think this is a healthier dessert option that seems a little more special than just eating a piece of fruit. Who needs Christmas cookies?!

I do.

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