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Unique Sweet Chilli Baked Brie

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I am part of the Blue Dragon Ambassador program with Mom Central Canada and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

I am always up for a reason to celebrate, so Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to enjoy some beautiful colors and delicious cuisine. I am a big fan of trying dishes from around the world. In fact, I will try just about anything at least once. Over the years, I have become very adventurous. I’ve taken Mike – who errs on the side of caution when it comes to food – along for the ride. Of all the food we’ve tried, we probably love Japanese and Thai food the most. I’m even starting to try to infuse the flavors in some of our favorite dishes. This sweet chili baked brie is a prime example of that – – and it makes such a great appetizer for a Valentine’s day dinner or any special occasion.

Unique Sweet Chilli Baked Brie

What puts the taste “wow factor” into this dish is the Sweet Chilli Dipping Sauce from Blue Dragon. In fact, they have lots for delicious options in their line. Starting over thirty years ago, the company was named for the symbol of good fortune. After realizing the market had little available in authentic dishes from China, Thailand, Japan and Vietnam, Blue Dragon looked to fill that gap. Now, they passionately provide consumers delicious meals full of fresh and flavorful ingredients they can enjoy with their families in the comfort of home.  

This recipe is so easy. I use store bought puff pastry to save time and I have never had a complaint! The first step is to roll out the pastry dough to a thin layer and line your spring form pan. I chose the cutest heart shaped one, ever.

Unique Baked Brie Recipe

Slice off the top of your brie and build a little well. Then place your brie inside the pastry-lined spring form pan. Depending on the size of your pan your may need to trim the sides of the brie. Once the brie is inside, you can fill in any large gaps with pastry dough. Then fill the “well” with the Blue Dragon Sweet Chilli Dipping Sauce.

Unique Sweet Chilli Brie Baked in Puff Pastry

Cover the brie with a thin layer of pastry dough. Bake it for 20 minutes or until the pastry is cooked to a golden brown. Let it sit for a couple of minutes and release from the spring form pan.

Sweet Chilli Sauce

Baked Brie Recipe Ideas

Serve immediately with your favorite crackers and fruit. This baked brie is amazing in every single way.

Puff Pastry Wrapped Brie Baked with Sweet Chilli

Easy Baked Brie Recipe

I strive to make everyday feel like a special celebration in our home. That’s one reason I really love Blue Dragon. They offer me a means to quickly get a great, nutritious dinner ready. Blue Dragon is on Pinterest so be sure to follow them! You’ll also find them on Twitter and Facebook, too.

Unique Baked Brie Recipe Idea

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