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Unique Girls’ Night In Entertaining Ideas

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You can enjoy monthly boxes from Hamptons Lane, like this delicious ice cream themed box.

Remember when you used to have all night gab sessions with your best friend? Heart-to-heart sharing and giggles and talking about the Big Deal of the Day was so satisfying!  How come that never happens anymore? Oh yeah…we got married to our new best friend…and had kids…and became too adult to waste time!

Girls' Night In Food Ideas with Hamptons Lane

If you’re like me, it’s been way too long since you’ve had a good girlfriend session. When life is hectic and so many people are counting on you, it’s easy to put friendship on the back shelf, at least until tomorrow…or next week…maybe next month! Mike is still my nearest and dearest, but you know, there is nothing like a good girls’ night in.

Hamptons Lane

Hamptons Lane Box Review

So, I’ve kind of been daydreaming about a girlfriend get together. It’s not a good time for me to get away, but one evening would be doable. While rolling around ideas for a girls’ gab fest, I learned about Hamptons Lane. Being a foodie, I was intrigued when I heard about their products. They say they source the best ingredients, kitchen tools, serving ware and local artisan foods—local artisan foods is the phrase that captured my attention—to help chefs and foodies expand their culinary horizons. Doesn’t that sound good? Every month their team curates a collection of products into a theme, like Coastal Italy or Ice Cream. They reveal the theme on the first of each month. As a member you get to decide if you’d like to receive the box or not. There’s no charge for skipping boxes and you can also purchase boxes a la carte. Once you’re a member you receive $20 credit for friends that also sign up.

Homemade Ice Cream Container

Unique Gourmet Sundae Toppings

I am going to reconnect with a few women friends for at least an evening of camaraderie and the ice cream box will be part of the evening. The Hamptons Lane box has arrived. Even though I knew from the literature what I was going to receive, I felt like a kid when it came; it was fun opening the box!

Best Ice Cream Scoop

Best Stand Up Ice Cream Scoop

Fat Toad Farm Caramel

Eating ice cream tops my list of possible entertainment to get a fun evening going, but woman doesn’t live by ice cream alone, even if it is homemade with salted caramel topping (by Fat Toad Farm—the name alone is a conversation starter!). This is my list of potential ideas for my girls’ night in:

  • at home spa time
  • have everyone wear all black and do poetry readings (I don’t know why; that always seemed like something meaningful when I was a teenager so I thought I’d just throw that one in. I won’t really do it. A book review would be much more sophisticated.  Especially if everyone wore black.)
  • do a craft together
  • have a mini clothing swap
  • try out a new exercise cd together (why did I think of that — thanks Fat Toad!)
  • watch a chick flick
  • cook and eat a meal together, have ice cream for dessert
  • try out new make-up colors and techniques

Vanilla Finishing Salt

Unique Girls Night In Ideas

Ice Cream Pretzel Spoons

Which activity would you choose for a girls’ night in? You do like ice cream, don’t you? Would you wear all black?

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